Who was it that wanted the phoenix resin shield thing? I cant remember!

It's not so damned white as all this. This is just the scanner making it look shitty. But if it's not what you wanted, that's completely fine don't feel obliged to buy it! But do tell me it was you or I'll fret.
Now I'll take this opportunity to force you to look at the cutest pix I've seen in a while.  
On your left, the same 2 dogs over the space of a year or two.
Me in the morning. 

Doggie dignity, Y U no exist?

Hey, while I'm here and there's not enough light for taking pictures of new things because it's monsoon season in Chi-town, wanna see something scary?
My hubs- who now realizes he's been in hernia pain for the last 3 years and is elated to be without it- nudged his way in and said, "Hey. You cleaned your studio! I can open the door now."
(insert segue way)
So mom told the nephew he should get a fish maybe. "Actually Abuela, I had a tank with a xiphophorus maculatus and a sword fish, but there was a malfunction."
xiphophorus maculatus, RIP


Boot ~C said...

that is a hilarious pix of the dogs, he is VERY good natured to put up w/ that!

beadybaby said...

I think I understand everything in the studio except the TP. And if you ran out of regular tissues, I think I understand everything! :-)

Alice said...

Love the dog photos!!! I'm going to show your studio photo to my husband so he will finally understand this is the way it is for all people who make stuff. Then I'm going to remind him of how his work bench looks, and he never even uses it!

PipnMolly said...

It's not nice to make me spit coffee on my computer from laughing. "You cleaned your studio!"
Or maybe it is.

Kimberly said...

How do you keep your remotes so clean? Or are they just supplies for your next amazing jewelry assemblage?
OK, so you're not going to be on the cover of "Where bloggers create". It's just the magic cauldron from which all things fanci emerges. Kapow!

Skye said...

OMG ! Your 'studio' is in almost the same condition as mine! Awesome :) lol

Beatnheart said...

Ah ha... 3 empty cans of " energy drinks". Could that be what helps to fuel the fire? I love the mess ... Makes me feel better about me.

Blackwillow Boho said...

Ha ha, how sad it is that I am jealous of your studio? I love to other peoples chaos.