Winner, Earring, Deep Thinks

And the winner is... SKYE! Congrats, ladypants. Convo me your address and let me know if you want some buttons.You're the Water. Miniature Metal Bucket and Iridescent Dagger Pendant.
You're the Water.
I've been thinking a lot about the fact that I find myself with less and less to say when I blog. Of course, that's fine, since this is an eye-candy blog and not a things-to-say blog, but still... I know I should respond to your awesome comments and during my days I think of all sorts of interesting things to tell you, but then I get here and blank. The thought of sharing anything substantive is exhausting. Here is a convo I sent to Kim of flotsomtide a few days ago:
The Drop and the Ocean. Cosmic Rustic Pale Choker.
The Drop and the Ocean.
"i was thinking last night how often when im alone right b4 bed or upon waking my mind goes instantly back to how life used to be b4 meds, what an utterly different universe i inhabited and how that was eras and ages of time versus what this decade has felt like. The The Garden of All Hope. Cosmic Rustic White Found Object Necklacer with Gold Leaf, Buffalo Tooth.
childhood alone was like 10 lifetimes. plus i mean b/c i experienced time SOOOO much slower than i do now. i know kids experience time slower but nothing compared to how i did. so that if i were to be killed off today i certainly couldnt complain, even tho i'd still wish i could finish up my jewelry im working on, lol. 
The The Garden of All Hope. Cosmic Rustic White Found Object Necklacer with Gold Leaf, Buffalo Tooth.The The Garden of All Hope.
but its something i wonder if i should share on my blog, other than the fact that by the time i have pix ready to share im too tired to make the effort to write in depth about anything. used to be i could babble for hours b.c there'd be so much going on in my head at all times just getting the .0001% i could out via communicating was a relief- talking and writing was the 1 thing i did have energy for, and infinite energy at that, because of the frenetic hyperactivity torturing my brain.
Shine. Rustic Cosmic Pink Earrings.
but not now. which is good, i was such a babbler i annoyed even myself. i guess it would be like a way to explain where all this cosmic spiritual shit comes from seeing as i seem such a silly goof when i communicate personally. i mean, why everything i make reflects this cosmic point of view. 
Into the Love. Cosmic Victorian Tribal Rustic Assemblage Earrings.
Into the Love.
funny b/c a person who is spiritual the way i was is always some sort of 'seeker'. it shows that they are not in harmony w/the universe b/c there's something missing, something they're seeking, thus seeker. whereas now, im fine so i dont need to search for it.Let Yourself Fall. Rustic Assemblage Earrings with Buttons and Found Objects..
Let Yourself Fall.
like the way they say animals are enlightened. if there's no question, somewhere you already have the answer. ok, that's just babble if im not gonna get into it and explain further but oh well. 
Soak my Soul2. Alchemy in Color Theory.
Soak my Soul 2.
i gotta make me and robert some juice! i always remember the tiem carlos was a baby and yelling JUUUUUUICE! but it sounded like JEWS! so i'd yell CHRISTIANS! and he'd yell again JEWWWS! and i'd yell MUSLIMS! and crack myself up so hard."
My Ghost in Your Glass. Rustic Black Victorian Cosmic Earrings.
My Ghost in Your Glass.
OK, that last part wasn't part of my deep thinkujings, but the point is just... you know. Stuff.
We Ripened. Cosmic Rustic Assemblage Earrings with Raku.
We Ripened.
Oh and that Beatnheart of the "i love you i hate you" hilarious comments has nothing to be envious of, since before my 29th birthday I was huddled in a corner overwhelmed by mere existence.The Angel is Free. Antique Mop buttons and gemstone assemblage earrings.
The Angel is Free.
And, not to be a huge downer, but extremely suicidal for a whole lot of the time. Like ouch, pain, despair horror get me out of this life that hurts so much suicidal.The Strange Pull. Rustic Victorian Cosmic Iridescent Earrings with Roman Glass, Micromosaic and Gemstones.
The Strange Pull.
Though I'm just as happy as a basket of bouncing puppies now. It's a yin yang thing.Dancing. Hot Pink and Purple Druzy Gypsy Earrings
Right now Cartman on SouthPark is singing "There are too many minorities at my waterpark" and it's cracking me the crap up.
A Hundred Silent Ways. Rustic Tribal Earrings.
A Hundred Silent Ways.
"And even the authorities...
Are minorities..."


alek said...

wo - despite ya not having something to say apart from visual candy - great stuff there. gotta say thats some interesting read.would be nice to be able to transmit thoughts whilst working into blog blah - but i is already saying too much. beautiful work as ever

Sparrow said...

All the stuff...genius, wow, I'm so stealin that idea (especially the hoops made from the tiiiiiiny beads) etc- you know the drill.

And that other stuff- omg insight! Though I know we've talked about that stuff long time before, but yeah... when I go to bed it's the same thing, my brain's joggin along on something and then it's all 'hey remember that car crash you were in? That really happened- let's think about that!' Or it thinks about all the things I haven't done yet. If I were killed off now I'd be pissed as hell- I got so much stuff to do, things to see, people to talk to...I often feel that sometimes my life has yet to arrive.

13 said...

T'is a strange, bewildering beast the mind. I think there's a dangerous assumption that if you don't see the world in the same way has the masses, then there's something wrong with you. I've learnt this from my autistic daughter- there are other ways to see the world, and the problem is the insistence of the masses that you're not thinking in the right way. And there's nothing more scarey then somebody who thinks different! Loving your little cluster ball earrings.

Patty said...

Which is why I take a sleeping aid
before hitting the pillow. Seriously,
I think beings visit and have a hard time adjusting to this planets ways.
I mean humans built the pyramids and also the holocaust. Your jewelry and
take on things is priceless. Be well.

Beatnheart said...

I'm still huddled in a corner....

Share so many similarities..I am sure meds would help me but a part of me fears I wouldn't be me.... But still would be nice for some of the torment and hyper and childish behaviors to stop ... So happy they are working out for you cause we need you oh wonderous one and my life is just so much richer and fuller with you in it... Like when u go to U... Gasp big chunk missing when the h is she coming home already hasn't it been longer than three weeks let me check the colander for Chris sakes.. See I look at a colander instead of a calendar cause its a bit more challenging to work it out.. Ok is that how your mind works hey me too!

Wonderful stuff to try and copy to b just like you.

Kimberly said...

I have a hard time expressing any depth in my posts and don't have any deep wells of angst to draw from either. One hopes that a certain essence will be reflected in your creative output and the crafting of your very lifestyle.
When I read of your personal journey it helps me appreciate even more the complexities of your creativity and you know what, I just feel so blessed that you're willing to share these pieces of you in whatever manner you see fit to express.
Deep appreciation of all that you do and who you are.

Every time I set eyes on your multitude of brain/soul meets hands I receive some pleasant synapse firings and akin to flavor bursts in my brain cells.

thanks for sharing it all.
Ex Oh Ex OH Ex!

Juliette Williams said...

There is something about the way you share your self here on this blog that opens up volumes of inspiration.

I think art is one of the best ways to open us up, either to the world or just to ourselves (which then 'radiates' outwards). You, dear one, have a brilliant voice. I'm so glad to know you.

laura said...

There are so many deep thoughts I want to share, but because I'm like 12, I want to say BOOOOOO to Skye. There. I said it.

Skye said...

Wow..If I'm the Skye you mean ;) than I need to revert to being 12 for a moment - laura *ppffft* Okay, better now :D lol so many awesome earrings... I'm in envy of your creative drive >.<

Flotsam Tide said...
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Flotsam Tide said...

Juice story cracks me up, because you are the only person I know who even has juice humor... all joking aside though.. I have never "met" a more mindful, erudite, humorous individual than you. Leaving your innate talent, uber creative drive, and artistic ethics out of the equation for a moment. The depth of insight you have divulged about the nature of existence, psychological impulses, zen buddhism, child development, and cultural history in our conversations is truly impressive. I feel like a blissful sponge around you, and I am so very grateful that you share so generously with all of us. <3

PipnMolly said...

A whirling dervish of wonderful.

Gardanne said...

I love your humor.