The Horizontal Mambo

OK, best comment ever? Tibalis asking me what the horizontal mambo is. Bewilderment. Antique French Jet Stones in Bottle Cap pendant.Bewilderment.
Um, it's just a silly way to say sex. When in doubt, it's always sex.
So anyways, don't mean to blindside y'all, but yeah, here's some jewelry.
The unforeseen downside to all this productivity?
Fucking photos! Taking them all day. Me no likey.
The Melting Snow.
The Melting Snow.
On the other hand it also means sharing more with you all and getting to read about how I myself am OOAK and other such silliness.
The Barriers.
The Barriers.
Or beatnheart saying she's gonna color her stuff with crayons- how'd that work out for ya?
The Infinitely Small. Resin Earrings.
The Infinitely Small.
The Infinitely Small. Resin Earrings.Plus now I know to charge a thousand dollars for my diy earrings kit.
Lovers. Cosmic alchemy image in resin.
Lovers. Cosmic alchemy image in resin.Anonymous asked -in one of those tricky comments placed not in the current post, but several posts back- some vague question about prismacolor pencils. I think the trick is to use bright colors? And then use photoshop to bathe the items in more light than should be allowed. That's all's I got.
The Visionary and the Mystic. Cosmic alchemy large resin pendant.
The Visionary and the Mystic.
The Visionary and the Mystic. Cosmic alchemy large resin pendant.Oh as you can see, I'm sowing off my backsides. I said backsideSSS with an 's'. The backs of the pendants. Because I love the opportunity to add a little extra to the back, though being the back it can just be whatever and doesn't have to be that perfect.

The Agonizing Serenity of Infinite Space. Cosmic alchemy image in resin.
The Agonizing Serenity of Infinite Space.
The Agonizing Serenity of Infinite Space. Cosmic alchemy image in resin.No, I don't do molds, anonymous. I dunno, I don't like 'em.
Any other questions? I'm here. I'm available. I gotta fill in these spaces between the pictures with something.

Given Wings. Cosmic alchemy image in resin.
Given Wings.
Given Wings. Cosmic alchemy image in resin.I had someone ask me about the perfect pearls, though in the convos world, not the comments world. I used the 'jewels' kit which comes with something called 'perfect medium' which gets the powder stuck on the theeng whatever the theeng may be.
Circles of Freedom.. Cosmic alchemy image in iridescent resin.
Circles of Freedom.
Circles of Freedom.. Cosmic alchemy image in iridescent resin.I've also had some y'all crazy bitches ask for tutes on how to gold leaf. To which I've had to  respond to just follow the instructions on the box. But no I should totally make a tute which is just a photo of the back of the box. That would rock. (You know I'm just teasing. I know it looks way fancy cool and much more involved than it actually is.)
Language of God. Cosmic alchemy image in resin.
Language of God.
Small finder's fee, taralinda? Even if it involved me going to Uruguay to find it? Or what about the hours I waste daily trolling through etsy because ... well, because it's fun and I'm too lazy to do anything else? Like exercise? No, no, I don't think so. I think I'll stick to the one thousand dollar suggestion.

Heart's Web.
Ask some questions or something in the comments so that I have something to blabber about next time.

I have a lot of blabortunity here where I live, in the spaces between these pictures. As my dad said the other day, it's mind-blogging. What you seek.
Mom laughed so I asked why that was funny- not because I didn't think it was but because sometimes the reason mom thinks something is funny is even funnier than the actual funny. Wait, no, I knew she knew but really I just wanted to see if I could get her to attempt to say "boggling." That would have boggled the mind. She said something like "Ees mine bloggeen becaus ees mine and no jours!" 


Blackwillow Boho said...

I luurve the teeny tiny thing with the eyes.....just gorgeous...

Beatnheart said...

The crayon thing is not working out so well for me cause I have trouble staying in the lines...
My questions today Miss are:
What resin product do you use.

When I get said product to I have to read the directions on the box?
What does Ooak mean?
Obama or that other guy?

Beatnheart said...
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13 said...

I need to get some holes put in my lugs! love them earrings big time.

PipnMolly said...

Loving the torn coin with the eyeballs,little rhinestone ring and,of course, the Petra drops. Meant to comment about the amazing transformation of the wooden beads too... Nice.

neshuma said...

...Now that I've stopped hyperventilating over the earrings [ALL of them in past the several weeks]: the pendants are exquisite.
What gauge brass are you using for backs, and how does the "tin" [steel]
compare by way of handling? (Not to sound dense, but ah wuz sorta lookin' for a cost / benefit analysis.)

Flotsam Tide said...

10 out of 10... kind of speechless actually, I love this whole series of earrings and pendants that you have posted as a collection. The negative space along with the larger sizes of your earrings just gets to me.. all those wonderful tiny elements juxtaposed with the big medals and rustic clay and stone... hard to pick a favorite.. I'd take them all.