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Since yesterday's post was received with such enthusiasm, I braved my studio despite my sickly state to get some photos for all you patient, supportive ladies who stick by me even though I provide so little content on this here blog.... Ahem!
 Here's some over-the-top girly bling for ya ^^^.

I realized I could use more than plain ol' text on these cuffs. This one sports an antique match box label.

A weird pendant by potterygirl, who by the way has a new blog. And this post features my earrings which feature her beads.....

This is a piece of a telescope. Here you can see the layering effect of the 24k gold over the faux gold. You can see that on the cuff above, too.

Here, a piece of Uruguayan amethyst druzy gets a gold edge. These tend to go up in value when they are framed by gold or silver. The process is done by dipping (I think), but I'm the queen of cheats! Or 'workarounds' as readbetween would so elegantly say.

Two rustic ceramic bezels by Jewel Identity that I spiced up w/more foil layers... Tho you really can't tell it's layers here.

You can sorta see the layers here, on the left. Turns out the real gold is paler and yellower.

This one may be done. It actually has foil but over that is a dry brush finish of white paint. And no, that strawberry isn't being warped by the photo. I warped it by rolling it in my hands. It makes sense but not in this picture. Those are potterygirl1 beads. (I've been writing it potterygirl this whole time but it's potterygirl1.) Strawberry from here. And the metal piece was a blank from my SacredCake loot.

Another druzy amethyst and some dark beads from Amth13. And 2 eggs from Jewelidentity. Too much fun.

 I believe these are done. I'm pleased with the bar going across there. How did I make that bar you ask? I'll tell you...
1. I cut short bits of thick brass wire and hammered one side. 2. I threaded them through the hole I'd spent an hour drilling on these teeny things. 3. Then, I used a metal design punch- like the letter ones you hammer into sheet metal? But I turned it around so I was hammering straight into the design. The other end, I placed on the unhammered copper wire. This way, it's just like hammering without the threat of smashing the lightbulb.
Actually, unlike what this lovely illustration shows, I put the bit of wire I was hammering on my bench block/anvil/hammeringplace and let the bulb itself hang off the edge, so the wire would be flat against the bench block surface. It slipped off a couple times.
Anyways, you can use this trick to hammer anything near a delicate bit or to get into a small space the hammer can't reach.
Also, you only need one metal punch, so you can buy whatever you find for cheap, and not a whole alphabet.


What else? Oh, this piece wasn't selling so I decided the focal needed text.


Coming soon to a shop near you...

Also not foil-related:

Some more gorgeous happyfallouts.

A spoony bracelet that might need a dangle added. 

What's neat about this one is that the spoon isn't hammered to fit against the top or bottom of the wrist but rather to start at the top/bottom, curve around the edge and end on the other side.  If that makes sense. 

I dunno about this one above. Suggestions? Ideas?

And these might need foiling and text:

Finally, I've decided my personal fashion trend for 2012 is going to be layered hoodies.  Here I layered one with a plaid shirt. Look at that tomboy

Anyways, I believe you can layer hoodies with almost anything... except other hoodies. That would cause a rift in the space-time continuum.

(I included this last tidbit cuz I know you all love it so much when I veer off the jewelry-making topic...)


Randomest of randoms

First off- you guys!!! I notice you're using the forum!!! I'm so crazy excited! Even though it's really confusing to understand who's replying to who. Cuz in the 'threaded' view you can't see pictures and the text is miniscule... And I haven't been keeping up there on the forum so if you still have a specific question for me, you should still add it to the comments.
But- wanted to let you all know that anyone who is registered (it's easy though a pain, I know) can post photos OR... START A NEW TOPIC!
That's right. If you want a topic about earwax, just go ahead and start one. Please make yourselves at home.

Just looking at all those exclamation points is exhausting. That's because I'm sick sick sick. Even foiling is exhausting. I'll be fine. Since Mr. Devices got sick, he hasn't wanted juice, and I've been too lazy to make it just for me. Surprise, surprise I got sick.
In the comments of the previous post, Skye said, "And that ear... you totally need a matching one, add earrings to them... then turn THEM into earrings! lol I'm sorry, but the idea of having pierced ears dangling from pierced ears is just too hilarious :D hehehe" So I had to show you.
<--Ear-rings by JewelIdentity. See, this Petra is a clever gal.
As for what I used to foil, just this- Available at any Michael's or a zillion places on the web... But then I did want some more legit gold options... or maybe I knewI'd become addicted cuz I got this in the mail:

At 1st I thought- "Why'd I order a million tiny pieces of stamped paper from Thailand? I mean, it's not the best ephemera I've seen..."

Then a teeny gold square flew out and I remembered I'd gotten a hundred little 24k gold squares! And already I see a richer gold in them... It's about as sturdy as sifted flour. And I can make the gold-square-covered-surface effect you see on old painted architecture, if anyone has any clue what I'm talking about.

Of course, since 1st starting to write this, I've tried out some of the real gold 24k stuff... How right I was when I likened it to flour. I'm now just using it to add detail over a layer of the faux stuff... Life is complicated.

Isn't it just the nature of the web that I just spent an hour checking out the Barbiedoll  collector's fancyprincess website? Oh yeah, I did. Cuz you all know how much I love bright girly plastic... dolls?  I got especially riveted to the 'Cultures of Europe' page because they show the different depictions of the different countries over time. Can I share? I'm sorry, I'm so fixated on this... and yeah, someone new to this blog is gonna see this and run screaming but

Italy, 2010                                  Russia, 2010                           Scotland, 2009

Hello sexy sassy ladies!
But then...

Italy, 1993                                   Russia, 1997                               Scotland, 1991

Where's all this poofy fabric come from?
But then....

OK, here's Russia '89 in classic Barbie smiley face and 80s power shoulder pads.
Here's Scotland '81 pretty similar to '91. I would even say they mixed up '81 and '91, this one looks way more dignified. I'm willing to bet they did... But where's Italy?

OMG she's brown!!! Wow. Thank you, 1980.
Hmmm... I wonder how France holds up as we move backwards in time?
'08- OK, they chose a slutty can-can dancer.
'97. Still slutty/lacy with poof on head.
'91. Still slutty/lacy with poof on head.
'80 Still slutty/lacy with poof on head.
Hm. Go consistency!
And yes, I realize I chose to make these images almost invisibly tiny. I just couldn't have big ol' Barbies all over my blog. Too embarrassing. Shameful even now. But I was riveted, I tell ya! Also, I've decided Italy has no real national costume. That is all. I'll be sure to post another entry soon to knock this ridiculousness off the front spot.



I don't know what that means but it was in my comments and I liked it.

Pythagorean. Asymmetrical Assemblage Earrings with gold foil and decoupage.
I've been gold foiling everything within reach. It's so addictive!

Pythagorean. Asymmetrical Assemblage Earrings with gold foil and decoupage.
These triangles came from one of a pair of earrings in SacredCake's massivestash.

The Plague. Rustic Victorian Portrait Asymmetrical Assemblage Earrings.
The Plague.
Here's what I made from these scrapbooking frames, some cut (and very tediously sanded) tin and some paper bits.

The Plague. Rustic Victorian Portrait Asymmetrical Assemblage Earrings.

Selcouth. Papered Filigree Earrings.
Here's my recent papered filigree. It reminded me why I'd stopped. Cutting out those zillion holes takes forEVER.
 No, guys- really. Don't do it. Friends don't let friends cut out holes in paper for 5 straight hours.

Selcouth. Papered Filigree Earrings.
Why the different bead dangles? No, I'm asking.

Understanding. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet with Gold Foil.
Another tin cuff with decoupage and foil. Not nearly as good as the first, but on the other hand the first didn't have the paper... so yeah, it's alright

Understanding. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet with Gold Foil.
Understanding. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet with Gold Foil.

Sky. Rustic Ceramic Assemblage Choker. Sun Cloud Rain.
Here's a simple little baby. Bezel and raindrops by JewelIdentity.

Sky. Rustic Ceramic Assemblage Choker. Sun Cloud Rain.
I can't really tell if that's a moon or a sun.

Coal Dust Kitchen. Black Miniatures Assemblage Rustic Vintage Cooking Necklace.
Coal Dust Kitchen.
Here's my sink full of dirty dishes. Screw the bubbles!

Coal Dust Kitchen. Black Miniatures Assemblage Rustic Vintage Cooking Necklace.

I thought I'd show you some more bits Petra sent. 

 How adorable is it that when I suggested that she make eggs, she took it so to heart that not only did she make (and send me) regular eggs, she also added fried eggs!!!! I actually cracked up when I saw them.
I noticed her charms were smaller and the shapes were more refined. I'm really loving the black wire connectors. Lookit the fishies!

OK, hello- do you see that in the middle? Is it me or is that a thumbs up? Is that a redonk charm giving me the thumbs up? And did I just pass out from the redonkulessness?

Also- bead caps! And more redonkulesness- a cartoony cat paw with leetle claws!!! And yeah, the ear has a pierce.

Wanted to show you these. From 3 different gift boxes sent w/in the past 2 weeks. All now foiled.

And look! More foil! I think I especially like it on commonplace found objects not intended for adornment. Like the bulbs and the faucet handle. Adds the bling to the not... bling............ I dunno. I got nothing.