go here now.


Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

lol! Great link. Too funny. :D

Yes, I contacted congressmen & darkened my flickr photos. Crazy congress people.

Tribalis said...

Fanci, I love your new jewelry and the new look of your blog, but to be sincere, as I always am, it is difficult to me to read your words with the color they are.I don't know if that happen just with me.I would have to use the light very high in my screen, which would make me suffer with headache because the brightness.Yes, I am a lit bat!..and I hate glasses.
Anyway,what pretension mine!...but, if a hundred people ask you to change it, maybe you could change it.
Sweet hugs.

Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Tribalis: I mentioned the same thing to Fanci in the last post...the gray text on black is very hard to read. That makes two of us, so now if we can just round up 98 more, maybe she'll change it. ;)

fanciful devices said...

you guys! its just today b/c of the whole 'blackout the internet' thing to fight this horrible law they're trying to pass in our government over here.