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Hello my sweeties! Whoda thunk- 17 comments on a random post about floor junk. Aw, who'm I kidding? I love to see people's junk. In their trunk. <-I'm so sorry about that, it was both awful and impossible to resist.

Poets and Mystics. Recycled Victorian Tribal Rustic Assemblage Choker.
Poets and Mystics.
Look, my slab of kyanite has a widdle leather jacket. Almost like a bezel. I wanna say widdle again. Widdle.

Poets and Mystics. Recycled Victorian Tribal Rustic Assemblage Choker.
Ever had an awful song stuck in your head? Of course you have. But have you ever had the cringe-inducing theme song to Family Ties stuck in your head? After dreaming it somehow? Yeah. And somehow it's the most cringe-worthy parts that insist on themselves the strongest... Why should it bother me that every problem on that show was always resolved by a sincere heart-to-heart talk? Don't know, but it does.
Why am I going on about a show that was cancelled over 2 decades ago?

Lunaticus. Antique Keyhole Assemblage Bracelet in Pale Mint Green.
So here's a bracelet with paleness. Yes, /alien Beader, they are crimes against good taste.

The Walled City of Kowloon . Chunky Recycled Assemblage Tribal Choker.
The Walled City of Kowloon.
I actually toned down the saturation on all the verdigris here. I ended up with a crapload of verdigris.
I usually prefer a light touch with the ol' verdi, but I guess it looks pretty cool here.

The Walled City of Kowloon . Chunky Recycled Assemblage Tribal Choker.
Beatnheart, I did sell a couple lots over this here blog a good while ago. But no, I'm good now. In any case, all this stuff... well, most of it is from etsy anyways! You just have to obsessively troll through there all day and night like I do. Also, of course its about the stuff. Contrary to what G.I. Joe would have you believe, collecting supplies is half the battle.

Beggar's Velvet. Chunky Recycled Assemblage Tribal Choker.
Beggar's Velvet.
Janet, the filigrees are yours. Payable in sexual favors.

Bedlam. Pale Victorian Tribal Kuchi Assemblage Necklace with Bones.
Heidi, slow down. I can't understand you when you talk that fast!

Bedlam. Pale Victorian Tribal Kuchi Assemblage Necklace with Bones.
ensourdine now you have to make up a drink called "dewy nipple." You have to.

Theomeny. Long Asymmetrical Assemblage Earrings in Black and White.
I like these earrings, but they're a tad top-heavy. But I like them. But ... but ...
Petra Carpreau, my floor isn't really like that. There's grime and dog hair and tiny black bits of shmutz. Full disclosure? I photoshopped it all away.

Shiva  Hypothesis. Victorian Tribal Assemblage Choker
Shiva Hypothesis.
Shiva  Hypothesis. Victorian Tribal Assemblage Choker

Selcouth. Papered Filigree Earrings.Beatnheart, you need paper, glue and metal. The metal doesn't have to be clean. I like it already oxidized. You want tissue-esque paper. The vintage kind that has aged all crispy won't work. I found a mini dictionary in Uruguay with thin, tissue-y papers I use. But they're very white so I painted the end result a bit darker. You can use white glue, like elmers. I use Golden's matte medium, its really good. I
water it down a bit. I shmear it all over, I make sure the paper's wet and plop it on, getting it in the nooks and crannies with a paintbrush. Oh but the paintbrush also has the watery glue on it. Basically it's a big mess. Thus my floor. In this case the filigree was big so the holes sorta made themselves, what with the wet. But for my previous ones I waited for them to dry then used a combo of exacto knife and dremel.
And betweenreader, no I actually didn't use LoBue's more lengthy process. That's why the tissue-type paper. I always do the quick and dirty version.

Pinchbeck. Recycled Tin Adjustable Ring Set.
Check it. I got me some inspiration out of the blue. I think I, and maybe we, assume that rings are for fine silver smiths and all. But, you know, what the hell. I made rings.

Pinchbeck. Recycled Tin Adjustable Ring Set.
What else?
Oh, anvilartifacts is having a giveaway on her blog! Look:

 Also, Corvid inspired me to get a juicer. Delicious. And? Mr. Devices and I are having the best poops of our lives! His don't stink up the entire house anymore! We even had chili last night- no farting!  Exclamation point!
Wanna hear more about my poops? Yeah you do.


Alice said...

Your stuff is amazing! Thanks for the laughs on the subject of pooping! Tea does the trick for me most of the time.

Corvid Delights said...

Great my name doesn't appear in association with some of your gorgeous jewelry but is instead nestled up nicely to the bowel movements, flatulence and "poops" of Mr. Fancifuldevices. This amuses me to no end, thank you for the mention. Ha! I love the juicer and am so glad that you and the hubs are getting some good use out of it. Is it just me or am I turning into a total juice nerd?

Janet said...

No, really I don't wanna hear more about your poops! You juice lush! But so glad it's amusing Corvid. :)

Love the over the top verdigris and the rhinestone earwires. Those are just amazing and completely copy worthy.

I do love the paper filigree, as you know, and am so glad you gave directions on it tonight, cuz I'm going to have to decline your offer for the other ones!

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway!

Beatnheart said...

Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge on techniques and sources. I'm gonna give that poor mans version of whatchamacallit "Maestro cordon blue" glue and paper tecqnique a try on some hopeless crap that I've got.Maybe that'll tart it up bait. I like visiting you cause your not all shabby white bread everything is beautiful with me and my perfect husband and children. However I could do without the bowel movement discussion.

artistic rejuvenations said...

what fun to see your "junk" become finished pieces. I also LOVE seeing junk just lying around. makes me drool at the possibilities. <3 happy day to you.

ensourdine said...

"Dewy Nipple": skyy dragon fruit, milk, honey, St. Germain, caramel, peach, and chantilly.

I think it's Mozart who said that the best day starts with a good bowel movement.

clever advice on health.

By the way, if you want to bring the whole bowel movement up to a philosophical level, try watching "Salo (120 Days of Sodom)" - Pasolini got murdered for it. Think you might be thick enough for it.

Petra Carpreau said...

As I'm somewhat obsessed with bowel function, I'm more than happy to hear about yours! Sounds like my old man could do with some of that juicer action!!So, thanks Corvid!
Damnation girl, I've got all that gaspy air stuck in my throat again. You and happy fallout make such boootiful music together. Damn, but that girl makes a good toothless skull.
Walled Kingdom of Kowloon, eh - just wonderful - (and YES, maestra - I'm looking, listening and learning!!!!). Thank you for the thin paper and gloo lesson - invaluable information as ever. Those earrings are stunners.
RINGS now!!! I suppose they're just bits of knackered up old tea tray as well,aren't they? I'm going off to boil my head now.

betweenreader said...

oooooh gads, gadzooks, yikes, great googly moogly! These are all so wonderful. So, what did you put in the chili? I have heard baking soda does the trick.

richelle said...

I get horrible songs stuck in my head all the time. It sounds kind of funny but it can actually be disturbing in a lot of ways. It's not just a little tune or snippet of it either, it's very realistic and sounds the same as it would sound externally. The WORST and most haunting one ever, was the Golden Girls theme song. This was actually just a couple months ago. the worst one before that was "I've been working on the railroad." I haven't ever even seen a full episode of golden girls, and I can't even address the railroad song, that was so strange--so it's not like I hear these songs all the time--where the hell do they come from?
People say, "if you listen to the song it goes away..." Not for me. It's like it's got a will of its own.
I actually talked about this with a friend of mine who's a therapist, and he said it has to do with the mind forcing some kind of point of focus. I suppose like a terrible postmodern mantra. But the never-ending songs do only happen when I'm feeling quite overwhelmed, muddled, or somehow compromised, so it makes sense.

alek said...

that leather jacketed kyanite is interesting, was thinking of making one of those for my chainsawed finger, might query a commision there, just imagine the kyanite as finger, well i'm sure i've seen some kind of p-phylaktic somewhere in medieval archives, lovely lovely work as always

mermaiden said...

creativity and potty talk, two of my favorite subjects!


Great blog! all this jewelry is amazing! and I'm the same as the comment about. Great combo for blogging :) x

LadyKami said...

Your work, your art, is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, unique, and awe-inspiring...