Hello Personal Fan Club.

--that I seem to be weirdly developing and am both loving but also totally uncomfortable about.

Dwizzen. Rustic Driftwood with Gold-Dipped Pyrite Long Dangles.Dwizzen.
Lookit! Bling + Rustic = These. You know what I mean, yin yang 'n' that.


Which reminds me, I want to really apologize to all my non-native-English-speakers (except for Stregata), for my strange English. It's because I'm really silly and humor is impossible to translate, especially when it's just silliness and web talk. Just ignore everything I write. Like this.

El Silbo. Rustic gypsy hoops with tribal and religious medals.El Silbo.
Stregata doesn't count because surely for her English to be this good, her German must be atrocious. (Hey! I spelled atrocious right on the first try!)

The Dead. Rustic Gypsy Tribal Asymmetrical Assemblage Dangles.The Dead.
Here's some decoupage-age. All our talk put me in the mood. (Wiggles eyebrows suggestively.)

The Dead. Rustic Gypsy Tribal Asymmetrical Assemblage Dangles.
Here's another image of the same thing. This disc thing is from Uruguay- finally found use! The haul is starting to dwindle... you know what that means.... Is there a trip in the future for Mr and Mrs Devices?

Sylph. Rustic Cone Earrings.Sylph.
Oh and I've skipped the enumeration of ingredients in some of my listings. Like here. Does it help anyone to know if the beads on top here are agate or lampwork? Are they not glorious either way? That's always been an issue for me. Why does it matter as long as it looks good? I only started naming what beads and stuff were there because I was beginning to use elements that were actually not all plastic/fake/cheap. And I wanted to show off the fancy. But, like... dude. Y'know?

Sylph. Rustic Cone Earrings.
And yeah, diamonds are forever while plastic is not... There's that. But ... well, we can't all be... there's... and my rate of production... and the listing... the time it takes...... at least the pictures are pretty.

The Vandals. Rustic Assemblage Dagger Dangles. Black with Colorful Beads.The Vandals.
Oh! Here, these. They're made of all kinds of fake things... Though, wait. That's smokey quartz microfaceted onion briolettes. And the beads were made by hand. She used polymer and yarn! Can't remember who she was....

Aos Sí. Rustic Tribal Assemblage Dangles with Fang and Rhinestones.Aos Sí.
OK, ok. These are fake. Though the fake resin fangs are from Uruguay... But they were fake and new there. The middle connectors are real from a vintage bellydancing whatever. But the beads were made recently in some factory...

Avalon. Rustic Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bracelet.Avalon.
Also I have trouble keeping track. Hey! Check it. Bracelet. Cute? It took me forever to find what to do w/this wing. I sound like a broken record, hu?

Avalon. Rustic Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bracelet.
By the way! If you want to share the pieces you've made inspired in some way by any of this stuff on or around this blog, please copy and paste the address to your blog/shop/facebook/napkinholder in the comments. I've had a recent explosion of convos that has me a tad overwhelmed. And I love all my convo buds, so I don't wanna feel like reading through them is a chore...

Theosophy. Found Object Assemblage Choker.Theosophy.
There are some people who are too shy about commenting here, as they've told me  via convos. I find that crazy endearing. I have a huge soft spot for shy people. For submissive types, you know? (Like Mr. Devices.) And artists are all super sensitive and thus non-dominating types. Except me. I used to be like that before life with meds. So I know how it is and I always feel protective of y'all. I'll like, take on a stranger who's yelling at someone in the street...  I'm getting off track. You're allowed by me to be too shy to comment. That is all.

Theosophy. Found Object Assemblage Choker.
Look. It's a bezel made of a watch frame on a brass blank with a Chilean coin. But did I say that on the listing? No. Cuz if it's not impressive via visuals along, who cares?
The teardrop piece with text and the gold piece under that, they're both fishing... somethings. I just checked- they're called fishing spoons. I have no idea why that would be a thing.

Theosophy. Found Object Assemblage Choker.
OK, there actually is an interesting story here. The bone piece that seems to have an "R" on it is from my grandmother. A prisoner made it for her. But it was a prisoner of war, imprisoned during the Uruguayan dictatorship... The one the U.S. supported. Yeah, that one.
Don't lie, you've never heard of it!

Little Fay. Rustic Asymmetrical Assemblage Flower Fairy Girls.Little Fay.
Oh yeah, that's right. I made little fairy-dancing-girl-looking things. Does that make me less of a man? (Less of a Chinese peasant man from the 18oos?) I don't think so.

Tír na nÓg. Rustic Asymmetrical Assemblage Fairy Dangles.Tír na nÓg.
And yes, these appear to be little fairies. Got a problem with that? Wanna go? I'll go, man.

Tír na nÓg. Rustic Asymmetrical Assemblage Fairy Dangles.

OKOKOK. So. I got another couple of redonk pictures elertsted, who, by the way, is too shy to write comments here because of her imperfect English. I know, totes adorbs. But she wants to assure you all that her earrings are not for sale but rather an exercise to get herself to think outside the quadrangle. Like I told her, "germans have a reputation for being perfectionists and precise. so you went and copied my very UNperfect, imprecise earrings in a perfectly precise way! thats just funny. " You know, it's only Americans who get tense at any mention of race or nationality, so she wasn't offended. Cuz I know that's what y'all were thinking!
ANYWAYS- first I clicked on this pic:

After which I basically invited myself to live in this drawer.

And then:

After which my jaw was hanging open so long it got sore. Do you realize what we're looking at here? Casting, mold-making, lost-wax...  I'm not clear exactly but it blew me away so hard I can't even. First, because jansjewels ran out of those findings that I loved so much (made anything you slapped on them look awesome), and second because... Those medals! I just happened to find them on a dirty mat laid out on a sidewalk in my teeny tiny ridiculous country.... And I used them together on a whim... It's not like there's something so right about those two specific medals that they need to be recreated. But at the same time how adorable is it that she did!!
And also, are the blue things a step in the process or the end product?
OK, forget sharing things influenced by me, nobody can top this.

And finally!
I know, it's ridiculous.

Petra of JewelIdentity has made these redonk charms that you are now itching to get  your grubby hands on.  Yeah that's a tooth. She actually hasn't put the giveaway up yet. So I guess this is a tease.
Nani-nani boo-boo! See? I'm teasing.

OK, before I go, one more thing. Ever since I started juicing I am no longer living in a horrible cloud of groggy-grog starting in the morning and often lasting through the day. A horrible fog I've been living with ever since getting on my (lifesaving) meds. I'm bright and sharp and awesome! Except then today I sat in front of the computer all day. But still! I even woke up early today and that usually has me close to tears by the afternoon- just like a cranky baby.
Basically, juicing is my new religious cult and you'll never hear the end of it.


Boot ~C said...

the last three photos didn't post?

fanciful devices said...


Sandra said...

D'aw, I used to be terribly, terribly shy about my imperfect English too. And I had no idea there were so many Germans following this blog! Where are you?! *bounces and waves like an idiot*

And, dangit, you and whowasittostartit? Corvid? Have me soooooo short *holds up index finger and thumb a centimeter apart* from getting a juicer for myself. Because that groggy feeling in the morning? Kthx, yes, I would like to be rid of it plz. =3=

Another thing, I was wondering if you'd have any helpful tips and hints about soldering? I've done some tiffany glass style stuff some ... *counts fingers* oh, two decades ago? Already? Anyway, it worked just fine for me, so when the craze with the microscope slides started I decided to dig for my soldering iron. It ended in a MESS with burned bits of flux everywhere. The major difference was, I was using lead free solder (cuz, you know, using leaded solder for jewelry is kinda ... >>) and the only type available in the hardware store here was one with a flux core. So, uhm, I'll have to order online, but I want to make sure I get the RIGHT stuff, so anything you'd have to share would be incredibly helpful. *makes puppy dog eyes at you* Like, you use a torch for soldering? I keep eyeing these, but I'm also feeling a little intimidated by the idea of wielding a mini flame thrower. Though, with Rammstein on my playlist, this immediately gets fun in my head, bwahahahah.

Okies, so much for completely random persons throwing huge comment posts at you - don't you just love the internet? =D

Petra Carpreau said...

Oh bugger, you've been and gone and done things at your pace not mine!!! Ok, I'm on it - ish - nearly. Tomorrow ok?
So you've been up to your ears with convos, and still you've had time to magically produce this new pile of splendid. ???????
You're going to tell me it's because of this squashed food, aren't you, huh? It's hard to argue with when you produce yet another corker of a blog only nanoseconds after the last one.
That little fairy chick has got a fab skirt on, by the way - and those earrings with all the black disky things on just make me want to cry quietly in a darkened room. Who's drawer is that you've moved into? Or is it an extension of your treasure covered floor?
Oh my - you're planning another Uruguay trip - I'm already a drooly fool at the thought of what you'll scoop up in those blackened paws.

Janet said...

Wow! Great new earrings! And yes, they're glorious with or without the ingredients. Yup, your pictures are worth a couple thousand words. Love love love Little Fay! And Theosophy, how special is that, that you put a little of your grandma in there!
You're going to have lots of company in that drawer! Breathtaking! You're right! Elerstad's work can't be topped. I mean who else is actually casting your components?! The earring photos were fantastic. Each pair was wonderful but this-wow!. Love that she sent you pictures of her lost wax casting work in progress. Too cool! Amazing, beautiful, incredible! Way to go Elerstad!

betweenreader said...

Oh-oh the juice religion is spreading. Around here we prefer Eukanuba and Greenie chews. Dog is my co-pilot!

NuminosityBeads said...

So I know for a fact that those beads you asked about are agate, not lampwork. I got them at thw Quartzsite show a few years back. ...and just to show you what kind of fan I am I am checking in from my funky hotel in Jaipur India, the Pink City.
keeping the 'fan' in fanciful xoxo Kim

Beatnheart said...

I think I'm gonna dump you and stalk Elerstad instead.

artistic rejuvenations said...

oh shit. now i have to wipe up all that drool again! lovely, lovely, lovely.

Tina said...

I just favourited a good half of the new things. Oh my god they are beautiful, all of them. I'm especially loving so much Celtic inspiration in the different names of the earrings ;)

Those earrings with the verdigris rings and the (quite alliterative) dictionary decoupage dangles and the disc from Uruguay are tempting me now like you would not belieeeeeve.

owlparty said...

last photo still not there.

Kim, I am so jealous that you're in India and I'm in Texas.

owlparty said...

OK, now I want to know WHAT it is that you're juicing. Carrots? Celery? Apples? Jehovah's Witnesses?

La Fileuse said...

As a non-native-English-reader, I think that your (strange) English is really charming. I'm always worried about my English; I'm quite sure it's painful to read me. Like now. :3
I'm shy too... too shy to send you mails. Just the opposite of your silent fans.
If only I had tinier boobs, I could wear one of these crazy extra long necklaces. *sigh*

fanciful devices said...

ok you crazies-
still probs w/pix? i reloaded them all.
INDIA? !!!!!!!!!
yes, owl, all of those.
la file- me too! giant boobs!
Sandra- just dont use that!!! no flux core, no rosin core. just lead-free. here in hardware stores its called 'specialty and hobby'. and lots of flux- paste flux i think is best. i have gel flux which is a little bit messy. I tried 'handy flux' and it did NOT work. and a block of sal ammoniac to clean the iron on. (if you search "solder pound" in etsy supplies you'll see a variety of brands of solder to give you an idea).

Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

I like the bottom bits on those Jinn earrings! Very cool.

And absolutely on the "handy flux" GEEZ....why do people say they use that stuff?? I tried it too and it didn't work AT ALL!!

I do like the liquid flux from Simply Swank...it looks like a fingernail polish bottle & is clear and works GREAT!

And just FYI, but I find it very hard to read the gray text on the black background.

stregata said...

Fanci - what makes you think my native second language is that bad... just cause I speak Gerglish??? I am even pretty good at Immigranto...
So - Sandra - I'm down here (jumping up and down, waving arms wildly in the air)!
And - Elertsted - would love to get to know you too - if you can get up enough courage to come out...

richelle said...

Just my two cents. And that's probably what it's literally worth. 2 cents profit if my ideas are followed. But...

As a buyer, I can't imagine not being interested in what materials are used. I would never buy something 'new' on Etsy if I didn't know what it was constructed of--I mean i do buy all kinds of crazy unlabeled stuff in person, but that's the difference--I can feel it for myself. Also, the idea that someone didn't take the time to name it might make me wonder why it was omitted, especially when there is a place to list the materials.

As a seller, I think buyers do care whether something is agate vs. lampwork, even though as you implied, the beauty and clarity of the good photos speak for themselves, but listing/naming the materials also gives a sense of what the piece might feel like.

Diana said...

Just when I think it can't get any better you discover new avenues of ultra-crustiness to explore--Am really especially loving the earrings in this post!

NuminosityBeads said...

and I absolutely Love what you did with the bits of grooved wood! Now why didn't I think of that. That must be why they went to you, yer so cleverrrrrr!
xoxo Kim

Sarah A said...

I have to ask ! Who is doing your casting ? I've been trying to find a place to cast some of the things I've carved out of wax and some antique findings I have .