OK Party People!

Domestic Fetish. Ceramic and Kitchen Miniatures Assemblage Chokers. Rustic Gypsy Cooking.

I gots me THREE new shrines up. Well, this first one I'm just deciding it's a shrine. I call it Domestic Fetish. I can't decide which of these 2 should be the 1st pic. Petra aka JewelIdentity made me this sweet bezel.

Domestic Fetish. Ceramic and Kitchen Miniatures Assemblage Chokers. Rustic Gypsy Cooking.

And it's  got dollhouse miniatures! Squeeeeee!
Goddamn I've had that spoon/ladle thing for 50 years and finally used it.
Another Petra-fied one:

The Fingers of God. Gold Leaf Shrine with Hand and Pyrite.
The Fingers of God.

Petra-fied. As my little nephew used to say, "I so fanny." And he really was. Funny- not fanny! (Especially all you sickos from the UK and thereabouts. I know what that means over there. Pervs.)
Thanks go out to Happyfallout for this name/narrative.

The Fingers of God. Gold Leaf Shrine with Hand and Pyrite.

The Goddess Eye. Eye Shrine Assemblage Choker.The Goddess Eye.

And finally my leetle eye. I love me some body parts. It may go back to some sick fascination I have with the sick fascinations of Catholicism. Not only in terms of torture, which is ingrained in the history of Europe and thus a necessity for becoming a Saint, but also in the weird symbolism, foremost being the disembodied heart. (Long pause as I realize I have nothing more to say about that...)

The Goddess Eye. Eye Shrine Assemblage Choker.

P.S. Thank you, La Fileuse, for forgiving me my faux-pas. HAHA! See what I did there? That means 'false step,' if I'm not mistaken. Which now I'm convinced I am.
Goddamn it.


amth13 said...

Nothing makes us Brits laugh more than Americas saying fanny. I once watched American Dance Crew where they had a crew called Fanny Pack, I nearly coughed my lungs up. Loving the new necklaces and Petra should start churning out those cuties and get them in her shop.

fancylinda said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I love the Goddess Eye one. And you used one of my eye cabochons in it. Yay! I too have a fascination with the weird symbolism of Catholicism. I am especially partial to the Catholic image of Santa Lucia who carries her eyes on a plate.

stregata said...

Wishing you a year of more glorious inspiration - which means another year of eye candy for the rest of us. Love the Goddess Eye - I found a bag of those eyes at the flea market a couple of weeks back...

steufel said...

Happy new year! And raised as a catholic I know exactly what you mean:-)

Beatnheart said...

Hello you... I think I'm in love! I have been drooling over your stuff on etsy and now that I have discovered your blog I am convinced... U r all I aspire to be and then some. I luv your wild abandon and the fact that you never seem to stay in the lines. You could string up a bunch of mouse poo and make it cool..

Henny Penny said...

I have a collection of jesus with the sacred heart...maybe one day I'll let ya see it...no, i seriously do. I collect jesuses.....pointing to his sacred heartuses....
and some marys thrown in for good measure.
I love me some religious artifacts and such.
love the cooking necklace...lord girl, you could make a silk purse from a sows ear. (someone told me that once, but i don't think they knew about you yet...)
love you dearie dear.

Janet said...

Eewwww. Mouse pooh and an eye on a plate. Really what else is there to say ladies? You covered it! :)

Cept this, Love it when you use little domestic utensils in your jewelry, fanci. Of course I think that's the best use for domestic utensils!

accusedredemption said...

oo...colors...shiny...and Domestic Fetish...like some kind of French maid?

Petra Carpreau said...

Hey now, sow's ears - that's one for my next set of bits!
Well, you fanny, (whoops, sorry - fUnny)gurl, how you're making my heart go all of a flutter with your extraordinary use of my bits!!I do believe it's been said before that you have the ability to make turds look desirable! Hey - hang on a minute - is the implication here that my stuff is turdy, pigs ears??!!!

La Fileuse said...

Best wishes for the New Year ! Stay fierce ! ;D

betweenreader said...

Oh my Mary Quite Contrary is mind/eye candy supreme! Thanks for the link. Finally got up the gumption to embellish a fold formed bracelet as you suggested, oh design diva. Go see! xoP