Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than selling something w/in a day or 2 of posting it!  I'm like, yay, I rock!  Then some family member has to poop my party all "that just means you didn't charge enough for it."  And then they go tell some young children that there's no Santa Claus.  
Where was I?
Oh, I sold this crazy thing!  Yahoooo!  and I thought I charged a good amount for it.  Not tons, but not nothing.  Not like it took a superhuman effort.  It has an appeal to a different buyer, I think- more rocker?
It's a regular ol' leather glove, but turned inside out, cut up, etc.  And I still have it's pair.  I'll have to look out for more on my upcoming Uruguay trip.


New New New

Here's a bib I've been planning forever.
Here's this crazy thing.

And this rather accidental creation.

Upon making my post descriptions, I learned bib comes from the Latin for to drink.
I learned that "throw down the gauntlet" comes from when knights would throw down their armor-gloves, gauntlets, to issue a challenge.  And that the snow white fairy tale comes from Norse mythology, as shown the brothers Grimm.  Well, one of them, I don't know who.  And that their story collections were quite secondary to their linguist work.


Michael Thompson

Found at Red Pagoda, a lovely Kite Study by Michael Thompson.

 "Text and Fire" 
"In this artist's study, Michael Thompson uses antique Chinese papers and split bamboo to create a "kite" that does not fly but takes off as an abstract collage. $980.  Chicago.  Bamboo, Paper. 13.5" wide, 28.0" high"

"A Day Breaking" Kite by Michael Thompson

"Textural Landscape" Kite by Michael Thompson

Even More Before and Afters

Previous before and afters here and here.
Now, I simplified these 2 pieces, which are weird enough w/o all the extra embellishment.

I wanted to remove the spool.  I really like the spool, but on this it's too much, I think.

Here the key is distracting, I think, from the much more interesting focal.

♥s 4 Haiti Item Sold

Yay!  I felt so proud, I can't tell you.  Really, really proud.  I realize that it sold faster than it otherwise would have, too.


rattle his bones

Another lovely by sparrowsalvage, my best etsy buddy!
Featuring my necklace Stormy Moon.
Her treasuries are just superior, is all.
Sparrow, by the way, made this amazing thing I can't get out of my mind:
With that easy, thrown-together look that's so hard to get right.  Now I'm frantically searching my mind for which elements in my stash I might "throw" together...  How much do I love the plastic sword toothpick!


New in Shop

These crochet necklaces were experiments in spontaneity.  I tried to make pieces having no plan at all, just led by whatever supplies I felt needed to be destashed.  

Now, this cuff was made from all kinds of fabric bits and 2 buttons that Sparrow sent me!  To be honest, one big hurtle was trying not to make something that looked just like her!  Because upon seeing all the lovely bits, I could only think of her cuffs- like her style was made for her bits. (Well, duh, it's the stuff she collects for a reason.)  Just the fact that I made a cuff from them.  I avoided one big focal piece and grunged mine up with wax medium and soil, that sorta helped.  But then, I had to try to make something that I also really liked, so it took a bit of finagling.  

My next use of her fabrics will be for another necklace.  Oh- so many good bits!  I can't keep up.  And yet, all I do is prowl etsy for more...


Hearts for Haiti

Sometimes, I hear about these celebrities dropping $1 million on Haiti at one go and I feel disheartened.  Will my small amount make any impact at all, considering those donations, considering that just to fly the teams in, just to put a bandage on it must be super expensive.... Maybe at this time I should be donating to help free Malaysian child prostitutes?

Well, despite these questions, the least I can do is donate a necklace:

Go to etsy's Hearts for Haiti page to see all the items for sale.

To learn more about how to stop child trafficking, go here:

To read "Youth in lawless Haiti at risk for sex trade, slavery, murder", a double whammy of my worst horrors, go here.


Matchbox Labels

Designer, collector and typography enthusiast James Williams keeps the lovely amass blog, full of images of collections, letterhead, and other things which strike me as very male.  Cool.

Leopard Seal Mothers Photographer

Amazing video, via the endangered species print project blog.


I should mention, after all my complaining, that I got my injections.  I was a mess, but I'm all better!  Well, I have a bad cold/flu and can't work today, my throats a mess... but who cares.  My hands work, no more crap-for-brains on the pain meds, and all is well with the world.



Fly Ladies

So weird!  Another treasury in which one of my necklaces is pictured alongside the 1/2 Ration Noir Dress created by artlab.

  This treasury by Raggamuffin Design lives here.  It features my Neolithic sofa necklace, which lives here.

Dickens and Dust

I'm weird.  I never posted this amazing treasury made by sparrow, which is now obsolete.  But, who cares- this is definitely something I want to keep on my blog!
This treasury features my tooth reliquary with tart tin and opticians lens.
It can be found here.