New New New

Here's a bib I've been planning forever.
Here's this crazy thing.

And this rather accidental creation.

Upon making my post descriptions, I learned bib comes from the Latin for to drink.
I learned that "throw down the gauntlet" comes from when knights would throw down their armor-gloves, gauntlets, to issue a challenge.  And that the snow white fairy tale comes from Norse mythology, as shown the brothers Grimm.  Well, one of them, I don't know who.  And that their story collections were quite secondary to their linguist work.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Dude- you just reminded me that I'm supposed to be making fingerless gloves! I have to hunt the thrift for some stretch black denim (sounds tacky but I used it for some special order gloves and it was magic).

The beads on that last necklace are amaaaazing! Like something you'd dig up in the Thames. ;D

fanciful devices said...

bone beads. cheap! stretch black denim? sounds painful. i mean, to the thighs.

Jennifer Valentine said...

Love the removable focal idea and the creaminess of the necklace.....must have it too.....(as she rubs her hands together with greedy anticipation)

fanciful devices said...

jennifer valentine, what a romantic name. I have a package going out to you today.