On the piece for Steam Machine:

Guess what the domed metal part is?  Guess!  Common object one interacts with maybe even everyday (unfortunately).
Actually, though it looks good, I think it's too short and I should lengthen it.
But my hands are a wreak (all this typing and clicking isn't doing me any favors) because of my carpal tunnel.
But I get my injections on Wednesday.  Yay!
Then it's back to MAKING.
Though classes start again tomorrow/today, so I can't do as much.  And I'm gonna make a great impression on my students, all loopy from the pain meds.
Gabapentin.  It's just for CP and I don't know what else.  But, you know, it's not like vicodin or anything where I'd have to worry about withdrawl.  If anything, withdrawl is great.  My mind clears right up.  And the pain returns.
The doctor puts these tiny injections in my wrists, the puncture doesn't even bleed, I don't think, and then they bandage these big taped white gauze chunks around my wrists with to look like I just tried to slash them.  It's great.  Walking around like that.  All: "Um, yeah. I defend a person's right to off themselves if they feel it necessary, and that's fine, but I didn't try to kill myself overnight.  Honest.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Now open your books to page 10."

Now go visit Steam Machine and be in awe:


Steam M. said...

thanks for featuring me! I can't wait to see this necklace.

fanciful devices said...

Yay! I love it too! I never would have made it if not for you! Honestly, I'm so overjoyed that you asked for it. I feel like I learned so much from making it, and I want to make more w/similar domed medallions. I'm packing it up tomorrow. :)