Hearts for Haiti

Sometimes, I hear about these celebrities dropping $1 million on Haiti at one go and I feel disheartened.  Will my small amount make any impact at all, considering those donations, considering that just to fly the teams in, just to put a bandage on it must be super expensive.... Maybe at this time I should be donating to help free Malaysian child prostitutes?

Well, despite these questions, the least I can do is donate a necklace:

Go to etsy's Hearts for Haiti page to see all the items for sale.

To learn more about how to stop child trafficking, go here:

To read "Youth in lawless Haiti at risk for sex trade, slavery, murder", a double whammy of my worst horrors, go here.


Kerin said...

Whoever you decide to help your small amount definitely makes an impact. Especially by offering something that was made with your own hands. I believe that good intentions and love fly out far ahead and begin to change things we aren't aware of long before the money arrives. Perhaps it sounds silly but I really do believe that.

fanciful devices said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I know lots of people believe that, and I get it. But I'm also from a 3rd world country and I know that you can have all the good intentions in the world, but that 80% of the world population still lives below the poverty line... On the other hand, so much good has been done. On the other other hand, the better the living conditions, the higher the population grows, the more we destroy the earth.... Aaargh! Well, we've always been at the verge of some crisis and we're still around, so I need to chill...