More Before and Afters

I improved this gal, here's another.

and after

Much simplified.  I don't know what I think about it, though.  And also much better backs on these.


And so on.


Also, I realized I'd never posted this gal,

which I made along with my soldered pieces.  
However, I only have these 3 pictures.
Hopefully, it's enough, although taking pictures has become a lot easier since I discovered the light in my bedroom.


kaapi carla said...

carissima, amo le tue cositas....faccio fatica a sceglierne una o l'altra...sono come tante voci in un coro di voci senza tempo, nel tuo lavoro artistico sento devozione, celebrazione, gioco...cioè teatro rituale poetico originario ancestrale...
In una fase ma vita nuova , in cui sto ritrovando azioni poetiche tralasciate, (sono in pensione da settembre), mi è di grande ispirazione questo incontro. Grazie!

Ti scrivo in italiano che è simile allo spagnolo, in attesa di imparare un pochino almeno l'inglese che ho cominciato a studiare pochi mesi fa.
Ieri,sabato, sono arrivata all'ufficio postale che era stato appena chiuso. Domani salderò il mio conto, non vedo l'ora di ricevere le tue meravigliose cositas...

un abbraccio

fanciful devices said...

I was able to start making sense of this comment using yahoo translator. In parenthesis are my ideas as to the intended meaning, lol:

most expensive (dear), I love yours cositas (little things)….I make hard work to choose some or l' other… is like many voices in a chorus of voices without time, in your artistic job (work), (one) feels devozione (devotion), celebration, game (play) … that is ancestral original poetico theatre rituale (?? but it sounds nice)…

In a phase but new life (?), in which I am finding again poetiche actions omitted (a lack of poetry in my life), (they are in pension from september [it's on vacation]), me is of great inspiration this encounter (I'm very inspired to find you). Thanks!
I write to you in Italian who is similar to the Spanish, waiting for to learn a pochino (little) at least l' English that I have begun to study little months ago. Yesterday, saturdays, have arrived all' post office them that it had been as soon as closed. Tomorrow I will knit my account, I do not see l' now to receive your wonderful ones cositas (I can't wait to get your wonderful little things)…

OK, aside from making me blush- that was too much fun!