Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than selling something w/in a day or 2 of posting it!  I'm like, yay, I rock!  Then some family member has to poop my party all "that just means you didn't charge enough for it."  And then they go tell some young children that there's no Santa Claus.  
Where was I?
Oh, I sold this crazy thing!  Yahoooo!  and I thought I charged a good amount for it.  Not tons, but not nothing.  Not like it took a superhuman effort.  It has an appeal to a different buyer, I think- more rocker?
It's a regular ol' leather glove, but turned inside out, cut up, etc.  And I still have it's pair.  I'll have to look out for more on my upcoming Uruguay trip.


Kerin said...

Congrats!! And, yes, you do definitely rock and I'm sure Santa would agree. ; )

Penelope said...

Man- my mum does the same thing! Magnolia Pearl bought something from me recently and I was all 'omg there's this lady and she's like really famous and has this biiiiiig clothing empire and her stuff looks like what i do but in clothes and a bit fluffier and omg she liked my stuff and she bought THREE things!!!! *flail*

And the first thing my Mum says? 'she wants to copy you.' :/ Yes, thanks Mum- it's not like she just thought I was good. She obviously wants to farm me.

fanciful devices said...

lol. once my mom tried to convince me etsy was a scam. i'm like- a scam where nobody makes any money?

Kelly said...

I love this post...
especially when the sale is something you
just loved creating...you did'nt know who
would get why you created it...your family
looked at you, with that hum..not sure
and then...the sale (someone gets you)
yeah for you!!!!!!kelly

fanciful devices said...

Yeah! I always end up w/a big goofy smile knowing someone gets me.
And recently someone wrote and said she gets lots of compliments and I think- WOW. wow, wow, wow. I'm not weird at all.
oh- and my family isn't "not sure". My mom at least makes a noise like someone who's just swallowed spoiled milk when she looks at my stuff. She's quite sure it's awful! Lol.