I should mention, after all my complaining, that I got my injections.  I was a mess, but I'm all better!  Well, I have a bad cold/flu and can't work today, my throats a mess... but who cares.  My hands work, no more crap-for-brains on the pain meds, and all is well with the world.


Steam M. said...

I'm glad you feel better! I hope the flu has gone away too. Here in Poland is really cold ( -20C that's about -4F) so I stay inside all day long. Last week I created a jewelry stand for my school project and I was thinking about your pains the other day..."My" hand is not as cool as in the pictures you posted because it's one of those jointed wooden hands that artists use, but you can see the pictures in my blog (and there's your awesome necklace too!)

fanciful devices said...

Well, I just took the pictures from Google images! My real hands are stubby with bitten fingernails, lol.