Love with a pale stranger

LONESOME DOVE Steampunk Saloon  Burlesque Gothic  Opera Victorian Bustle Skirt  ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK, RED, PURPLE, TEAL, CREAM, WHITE AND MANY OTHER COLOURSSEXY Big Red Hair Rose Flower with Black Net Spider Web PetalsMy Dark Valentine Bracelet -  Victorian EraScarlet Red Glass Teardrop Oxidized Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Dangle Earrings - FeverSteampunk Fashion Necklace fashioned with a Gorgeous Vintage Watch MovementSALE Victorian gothic red silk couture shrug shoulder wrap black roses made to orderBlood Red Glass Adjustable Cocktail Ring - PassionVampire's Kiss Tatted Velvet ChokerTODDIE TOPPER - Cream Mini Top Hat w/ Red Velvet Trim and Box Pleated Sparkle Trim, Red and Black Feathers Topped with Vintage ButtonTrinket Island. Found Object Earrings.Hot Pink , Black, White, Red - Sexy Ruffle frilly Panties Bloomers- one size fits mostOpera ClipsLarge Diamond Cuffs in Black and Red (Pair)Black and Red Satin Underbust Corset-Made to MeasureScarlet Red Rose and Black Tatted Lace on an Ivory Silk Ring Bearer PillowStrolling Seduction--Satin Rosette and Marabou Feather Garter
keenaskreations composed this treasury, and I've never felt sexier.  Well, I may have, but this particular set of earrings sure hasn't.
It's amazing how any article can change it's feel when grouped with different items, don't you think?
Fancylinda says no more than 20% on the coupon, maybe even 15%... sounds good to me.  However, I just remembered I'm going out of town next week so I need to wait until after that to offer any coupon. D'oh!


coupon cookery
So, as always, I get antsy  when a few days go by without sales.  I'm considering some kind of promotion.  I was thinking of maybe saying if you follow my blog and leave a link to a blog post about my shop or items, you could get a certain percentage off?  (I prefer this to an all-out giveaway.  I'd go crazy deciding which item, for one.)  I could announce it on my shop, and it would give me some nice promo.  
Now the question is, what percentage would the coupon be for?  As a shopper I remember thinking any percentage less than 50 wasn't  worth a second look, but as a seller... I once gave a wholesale discount of 20% and it was almost heartbreaking.  Which is crazy because I still have several checks from work I haven't given a second glance for a couple of months just sitting on my counter top. So.  Money isn't an issue.  I don't know.  Any ideas out there?  Think this is worth the bother?  Is it tacky?  Don't know why I should think it is, I'm just awful at self-promotion...  Is 20% enough to generate interest?  Should it be more?  25%?  What, more?  Now you're just talking crazy!  What, you think I'm crazy? Well, I'm not the one arguing with her computer screen, honey.  Nope.

Post Apocalyptic Deliciousness

LIAISON Custom OOAK Mucha Inspired Headpiece (YOU CHOOSE THE COLOR SCHEME), This is for a unique 1 of a kind piece...CUSTOM ORDER ONLY Fluffie Rufflie Dance PantsDeliverance.  Antique Mary and Child Assemblage with Fuses, Textile, Tourmaline.Skirt, Black and Gold, Cabaret, Vaudeville, Steampunk, Vampire, Noir, Gothic, Witchy, Black Rock, DanceI am a Mask of Divinity. Salvaged Textile Cuff.YOgirt SKIRT Brown Velvet with laceGothic Tiara with Swarovski Crystals- The Queen of Hearts Royal WhimMidnight Burlesque Upcycled CorsetBelly Dance Super Stars Ready, SUPER DUPER DELUXE Tribal Belly Dance Costume.Tattered zombie lace belt or waist cincher tribal goth or steampunkA Wink at a Lost Life. Asymmetrical  NECKLACE. wearable Crude art by LanaLotusesque Leather Stone Belt BagNo. 127b  FORTUNES TOLD ...  the braceletMermaid CostumeTree of LifeTribal Bedouin Potion Snuff Bottle Pendant NecklaceFickle Minx Collar - ORACLE Collection

This luscious cllection bythegypsykiss includes TWO of my items! Is that legal?Deliverance.  Antique Mary and Child Assemblage with Fuses, Textile, Tourmaline.I am a Mask of Divinity. Salvaged Textile Cuff.I am a Mask of Divinity. Salvaged Textile Cuff. The gypsy kiss is the lovely lady who posted about me in her facebook to introduce me to the tribal fusion belly dance community.  In Japanese, that would be shortened to Tufubedaco.  I'm just saying.  They need to shorten it and TFBDC doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.  This is her, modeling her own belt creation:
Steampunk Bellydance Belt Yup, just my average sexalicious customer.  They all look that good, I know it.


CUFFS cuffs CUFFS cuffs CUFFS cuffs

Metallic Gold Genuine Stingray Leather Cuff BraceletCrochet Cuff BraceletOn The Wings Of Love CuffEye of the Snow Leopard Cub beaded braceletBranching Out Fabric Cuff BraceletGold CuffEscapism. Textile Cuff.Ripp braceletWrist Cuff Hand Embroidered Fiber Bracelet HydrangeasPop Rocks Grape Recycled Glass Beads Embellished Resin Hand Forged Cuff BraceletTory Brown Leather Wrap Cuff with Antique Key ... TonalGold Cubed CuffChocolate Burgundy Basketweave Leather Cuff - SmallBugle BraceletRoyal bracelet - black beadwoven cuff with bronze and copper pattern - FREE SHIPPING  City Life Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelet
MonicaI made this treasury all about cuffs.  What a great idea.
This guy was wanting some love, too.  Cuffs haven't been my best sellers.  Or they have but since I don't see the sold ones in my shop, I forget they ever existed.  That's probably more likely.

I'm soon to move my studio from my coffee table and all over the living/dining area downstairs to my upstairs bedroom, since we have 4 rooms upstairs and hardly use them.  I'm gonna make it all cozy and display all my supplies, so I don't have to feel bad about the space they occupy or what a mess hubs has to live in.  I think this will help me not feel as panicky over my supplies or feel in such a rush to finish projects.  Plus it's the room I take pictures in, so that part will get done much faster and more organically.  I can't wait! I need some good storage/display shelves.  I've already bought some bins. Eeeeee!