What I'm Dreaming of

So much inspiration in the world.  This is what I dream of when I say 'tribal.'

Opium pipes and scales.  (Hmong)
Of course these are all made by vastly different people in places quite isolated from each other.
Medicine bag (Yoruba)                          Sexy Sadhu 

Hunting trophy, human skull (Naga)
But they share the aesthetic of over-worked forms and well-worn textures.

Earrings (can't remember from where)

Chicken feet, claws, fangs (Asmat)
I don't know, but this stuff makes me dizzy.
Shaman's ritual necklace of the Dayak people. 
Although it looks totally redundant with the decor on my left and right columns.

Ritual Medicine Amulet (Dayak)
Hadn't thought of that.  Damn.  Just ignore it.


steufel said...

Great pieces - I really like tribal themed jewelry.

stregata said...

You're right - there is soooo very much inspiration in the world. Aren't we lucky to be able to see it all? And now we don't even have to go to a museum...

fanciful devices said...

stregata! It's so true. we are totally oblivious to the miracle we're living through, or I am, often. Before internet, I was uninspired and felt isolated. Now, I can find a community of peers w/o having to be part of some famous salon circle of the paris 1930s scene or whatever.... And all us artsy types can live in small towns w/o feeling like the only freak in the world.
I am so flippin lucky, oh my god.

missficklemedia.com said...

Hi Fancy! I was really excited to see this post from you!
Tribal has been pulling at my heart for a while now, I think it is in rebellion to all the mod/kitchy stuff being shoved down our throats in mainstream design. ;)
I am finishing the piles of stuff to send you and Beloved Sparrow, now I can include something I know you will like from the tribal vein!

fanciful devices said...


Anonymous said...

The earrings. From Sarawak maybe? :)