Frans Button Corner

Art is a spark of delight captured in an activity. An artist puts their joy in their work for the sheer pleasure of it.  There's not motives, no point, even.
Where there is a new medium there is always a new type of art and artist.
I recently found Fran's Button Corner, where for around $3, you can get a little color collection for your crafts.  The buttons are nice but the themes are truly delightful.

Then, in the pictures, she treats us to this silliness: 
Pitch Black Scrapbooking and Craft ButtonsChocolate Scrapbooking and Craft ButtonsAs well as writing what each specific valuable button is, as you can see above.  Her prices range from $2- $4.50, so you know she's just doing this for the heck of it.  I find myself returning over and again just b/c these images make me smile.


Anne said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful post! I do do it for the heck of it and because I love buttons so much. Plus being a litte crazy doesnt' hurt either. :D

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Those are such clever listings! They are really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing...I favorited several for when I get paid next :)


fanciful devices said...

And I thank you for it. Seeing people do things like this with no possibility of personal gain (other than 2 bucks in the pocket) that's the kind of thing that makes me so happy. Like, nutballz happy.