A reader and commentator, Stregata

Birds of a Feather Necklace
Birds of a Feather Necklace
I have found myself lucky enough to actually discover readers to my blog.  Among them, Stregata, has consistently commented, something which you bloggers out there know to be super encouraging.  So, out of curiosity I clicked around and found this magnificent necklace of hers for sale on German Dawanda!  Er. I think it's German.  Lot's of umlauts.
Besides Dawanda, he has no less than 2 estsy shops and 2 blogs!  Including a huge list of blogs she follows and blog followers.

(Totally unrelated- really interesting article on sapphire mining in Sri Lanka.  FYI- not depressing or horrifying in any way.)


steufel said...

She creates awesome stuff and has such a beuatiful spirit, I was really happy when I discovered her blog a while ago. I think actually I found your blog through her site.

fanciful devices said...

REALLY? that's wonderful. I wondered where my small but growing audience has been coming from.

home based businesses said...

She sounds like an amazing and very talented person. I should also visit her blog myself.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

romantic decay said...

She always leaves encouring comments and makes great jewelry
I'm your blog stalker from Ohio. I LOVE your jewelry!

fanciful devices said...

welcome romantic blog stalker and home based business! She does leave encouraging comments, hu? Isn't it funny how as we skim through our favorite blogs we so often don't think to comment? But how a comment can make such a difference when it's our blog and work?