If money were no object

I'd get the real deal- authentic and crazy old.  It's out there, and it's for sale.  

Never imagined it anywhere but in a museum, somehow.
These last 2 bead pictures are glass w/metal foil.
This next bead is from the flippin' third or second century BC!
  Things haven't changed that much.
So yeah, it would be nice to buy $200 beads, but then, what would the point be? These things don't need me, they're awesome already.
From this same site, check out the ancient Roman and nomadic jewelry:


steufel said...

Beautiful pieces and ancient art IS breathtaking. We had an excibition here in Cologne with pieces of glass and gold from the romans. The pieces were to die for!

fanciful devices said...

Cologne? Are you in France?
I don't know why I thought of france. I just looked it up- 4th largest city in Germany. I should know that, hu? And it's where eu de cologne comes from! cool. see, being in europe, you are much closer to all that stuff. in europe, time is everywhere. signs that your city existed for ages, i mean. that's how i felt in italy and spain. not here. it's all present, always being remodeled to the latest thing.

stregata said...

And what can we learn from these beautiful ancient treasures? That the urge to create and the desire to adorn oneself with jewellery is age old - it is part of our heritage.