The Alchemy of Happiness, Part the Second

Birdies to be listed.  The drops are glass.

The circles are actually rhinestones.  These were from Fancylinda's box of wonders.  They are hanging on piece of stained glass from Sparrow's magical parcel.  
I haven't shown you the bestest yet.
I got this cuff b/c I was fascinated with the military star.  I didn't realixe how much I'd love the other focals- the lovely flower button w/a perfect 'bow' under it and especially this little round tin bit.  
It's substantial and lovely.
 I pressed the hooks a bit to re-position them and now it fits perfectly on my boney twig wrists.
I also wanted to show off this strip of Sari ombre and fluffy velvet, along w/this lace that's so antique, it rips when you stretch it.  That's a good thing. To me.
Here are the crystal points that weren't visible in the  last post. Also big studs I'm going to oxidize and use for a glovelette.
Here's a large piece of beaded trim which is beyond awesome and just begging to be sewn on to a bed if distressed fibers.  Also, note the black fabric tape and glass circle showing a castle.
A couple more buttons and another view of my (cuz they're mine!!!!) orgasmic nailheads. I was hoping to untie them w/o cutting the strings so I could be lazy and attach them down by just stiching the red threads down.  Not gonna happen.


stregata said...

Sigh - such a gorgeous stash! Those birdie earrings with the facetted glass are gorgeous!!!

steufel said...

I love the bird-earrings and the cuff is stunning.

fanciful devices said...

thank you!