Happy Happy

I scanned this letter I received from one of my customers just because it was so gorgeous.  It was just to say thanks for the item!  How wonderful is that? I'm so lucky to have etsy in my life that permits me to link up so easily w/others who like the stuff I like and are even willing to pay me to play!  Most of my life (especially before meds) I felt so isolated.  Isolated in my mind, my point of view, my aesthetics, my emotional roller-coaster.  Now, I feel so deeply involved in this world populated with little sparks of life that make their presence known through little convos and such.  It's so strange, the internet is.  Once I tried to use it as a metaphor for a possible afterlife or otherworldly plane to someone.  'Heaven's not like the internet!' She yelled drunkenly.  What I meant to say, though, was that it was a place with no physical location made up of many nodes, which was really just people.  If people's mind's have a place like that, if the barest minimum of our consciousness IS a place like that, or a conduit to connect with others....  I don't know.  That would be neat, I guess.

OH! I also wanted to show y'all where I'm from, and how folks in other parts of the world freak for football / soccer / futbol.
So watch this, but turn down the volume b/c I could only find this version where someone added a lame ass song over top.


stregata said...

The internet is an amazing place, that allows us to connect. Marvelous, isn't it?

steufel said...

I totally can relate to this! I love the internet for all its possibilities and get the feeling that we all come a little closer together. And the letter is just great.