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So, as always, I get antsy  when a few days go by without sales.  I'm considering some kind of promotion.  I was thinking of maybe saying if you follow my blog and leave a link to a blog post about my shop or items, you could get a certain percentage off?  (I prefer this to an all-out giveaway.  I'd go crazy deciding which item, for one.)  I could announce it on my shop, and it would give me some nice promo.  
Now the question is, what percentage would the coupon be for?  As a shopper I remember thinking any percentage less than 50 wasn't  worth a second look, but as a seller... I once gave a wholesale discount of 20% and it was almost heartbreaking.  Which is crazy because I still have several checks from work I haven't given a second glance for a couple of months just sitting on my counter top. So.  Money isn't an issue.  I don't know.  Any ideas out there?  Think this is worth the bother?  Is it tacky?  Don't know why I should think it is, I'm just awful at self-promotion...  Is 20% enough to generate interest?  Should it be more?  25%?  What, more?  Now you're just talking crazy!  What, you think I'm crazy? Well, I'm not the one arguing with her computer screen, honey.  Nope.

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fancylinda said...

Hello, Definitely no more than 20% - in fact I'd even say 15%. If the people are already looking at your blog or your Etsy shop, they're already interested in your work, so a small enticement is all that's needed. My customers get excited when I just offer them free shipping! Linda