As y'all know (both of you), I'm too impatient to post nice pictures after a fruitful day.  First comes crappy scanner, then pictures.  It's an exercise in how extremely worse then better the same item can look depending on the media through which it's relayed.
This necklace for example has a gorgeous etching of an art nouveau lady in the style of Mucha on this silver inner face part that I have revealed.  Here you can barely see it.  It also features pewter-glazed ceramic beads adn a bunch of other beads.  Which may be that icky, I think I forgot to wipe of my grunging gook off of them.  The reverse shows big chunky gears.  I'm over watch gears, but I made an exception.

Here's a tiny choker.

  I really liked this tiny silver bottle and wanted it to be showcased on its own.

Here's what became of the quartz nuggets in the shell casings.  Wooden rounds, inexpensive but really satisfying, visually.  Also a big hoop made from fish bone.
What else?  Here's another of my dirty whites:
With a lot of natural materials such as wood, horn, ceramic, glass and procelain.  The stick is a bit of antique clay pipe which I've soldered on either end to finish it in a more polished way.  The hook is bone.  The round white beads are actually some kind of nut.  Should look that up.  The stripes are grunge in their carved furrows.  Might clean more of it out.

Bracelet in periwinkle.  Includes a tag from a Uruguayan soccer team, but the buyer needn't know that.This one isn't showing well.  It's a crazy cool seild-shaped medal from, I think, when the pope came to uruguay.  It has an awesome old ribbon and its connected to a rosary link.  Black diamond rhinestones, this 'n' that.  On the reverse side of both bits there's images of old pope-types.  Cool images, but not so cute around one's neck.
La piece de I-cannot-resistance! OK, when I drape it nicely it'll be nicer.  A dance card brass notebook with antique rosary strand,  heishi of gradiated  hessonite. Soldered links with freshwater pearl drops...just pretty all around.  The pencil that was in the notebook isn't the one shown, although the partially-used, yellowed pad within is the original.  The original pencil was nothing too interesting so I begged this much loved, knife-sharpened stub off a student.  He actually gave it to me, like, a year after I first begged for it.  I'm dedicated to my craft.
This one looks particularly less attractive than it will tomorrow.  Man, why can't I just wait?  What's wrong with me?


fancylinda said...

Hello, I love the bracelet with the eye and the pope medal necklace. Beautiful! And the stuff at the top of the page today... Hmmm... I'm flattered!

fanciful devices said...

I love you! You rock fancylinda!