Two little, simple things, but I'm at that point where you're working on a ton of pieces at all different stages and none have come together quite yet. Those days can feel like you got nothing done, but then the next day, a couple steps will lead you to finish a ton of things and you'll be like "I did all this today? I'm amazing!" And then you realize you're deluding yourself. About having made everything in that one day, not about being amazing, of course.
So, despite a recent big sale, business is sloooowww.  So I purchased a couple of showcase spots.  Don't know if it's even worth it, I'm sure it's hit-or-miss like any renewing on etsy.  But yeah, there sure is a lot of demand for those spots.  Couldn't even get regular jewelry, but rather earring and bracelet showcases.  Or wait- earring and necklace.  So, earring June 10th and necklace June 11th.  

But other than that, I'm not going to sweat it.  If I did this for the money well, I wouldn't do this!  Or if it were for the popularity, I'd make things that were more mass-market appealing.  That is, I'd run a factory in Malaysia. 

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