I took this down and shortened the length by a good 5 inches.
I also lowered the price by $9.  The mannequin is too small for it... also, that vest doesn't compliment it... I guess something w/spaghetti string straps would work...

I also listed this fella:
A victorian slide transparency.  I wish the image on the transparency had turned out darker, though.  In the interest of full disclosure I added this picture to the listing:
And I got pictures of the gloves:
I just don't know about this fix:

I think it's pretty neat, but will the buyer?  
(Not neat as in tidy, you know.)

I'm working on another one:

 Here the strip that enlarges it is clearly the decor, so I'm happy about that.  As you can see, the color is very Sparrow inspired.  I dyed vintage crochet, glove and bandage.
The image of the front is way blurry, oops.  But look at those crazy copper studs!  I'll probably tone them down w/oxidizing patina, probably my favorite thing in the world.  I already gave them quite a bath in it to remove the silver plating.  I have plating!  So shiny and lifeless.   But when it comes off, the base metal is really intense.  Anyways, just a work in progress.  While my hands slowly loose their power... sob.

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Little Brown Sparrow said...

Holy CRAPSTICKS how did you get those studs to be copper? It sounds like you removed the plating and then put them in copper patina? I NEED TO KNOW. I have ideas for things that require bronze and copper coloured studs, but I can't find any. These are perfect- so ruined looking.