Oh Joyous Day

When I make stuff, it's better than if I'd won the lottery.
  It feels as if someone told me peace broke out throughout the middle east, and creeps are no longer sexually attracted to children.
And pictures have surfaced of O'Riley and Glen Beck in a threesome getting spanked by their illegal immigrant gardner.

Makes me so happy, in fact, that I even took these shots of my scummy, scuzzy work area (aka- living room coffee table) and I'm posting them up here shamelessly.

Cuz who am I trying to fool, anyways?  And I think the reason I don't put up or take more pictures is feeling like they have to look all perfect and not coated in grime and dog hair...
 (And the last 2 pictures, the stuff in copper foil is waiting to be soldered.  But it was raining today and I can easily see me hurting myself very badly, trying to solder in my patio in the rain.)


Jo Archer said...

I love this new rebellious attitude. Down with the perfect "Yummy Mummy" blogs! I want to see something real.

romantic decay said...

I like your photographs. Having a visual of O'Riley and Beck has made my whole day!

fanciful devices said...

lol- i'm not sure how my decision to post pictures of my grimy work area ended up in a politico-fantasy rant...

Little Brown Sparrow said...

FINALLY! I have been wanting to see pics of your workspace for a trillion years!!! Those huge black beads in the first image have me in palpitations...and that crystal!! With the gold leaves around it!! I WAS THINKING THAT TODAY. Seriously, staring at the wall wondering how I could do that.

It's very tempting, those fuzzy, grime-addled shadows of hidden treasures that I can see under the glass top of your desk, I want to see inside! It occurs to me your way is a good way of doing things- being able to see so much at one time. I have all my bits in tackle boxes, piled on the side of my table. But I need to be able to see things to remember I have them. Something to think about after the holidays. (And Mum has a glass top table I could totally steal for this...)

fanciful devices said...

that was a crystal that came in a destash i got over a year ago:
and made into
This one is just in a huge honkin bead cap from my uruguay haul.