Thank you guys for your sweet comments! I have sort of rested my hands today and that really helped.  Of course, I couldn't stop myself from posting the things I showed you yesterday and then I had to type at work....  And now just clicking around for these hand images, they're getting sore again.  I'm glad to hear 2 of you have had CT surgery and been fine.  My doctor, who also happens to be my mom, is a drama queen exaggerator.  I think she thinks if she scares me I'll quit with my awful art addiction and cook, clean and get a full time job.  I also got a brace/splint that doesn't actually worsen the pain, some heat pads and heated pain rub.  Plus, a buyer through etsy has recommended a therapeudic massage school w/low rates and it turns out to be just a few blocks from my house!

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