LK Farnsworth

I'm kinda obsessed with LK Farnsworth.
She is the creator of all this candy-coated sweetness.
Retro-style, color-saturated things that, as you can see, are nothing like anything I make.
These are so damn fresh and sweet and fun!  And at $19-$21 they're super affordable.
There's some necklaces, too.
Though its the earrings where she really shines.
I even like these pink things, and I seem to have a subconscious aversion to pink as a sign of weakness or something.
Look at these crazy things!
She does do this odd thing where she often stands up flower drops so they seem to defy gravity.  Bizarre, but original.
Ug, this green is so gorgeous it hurts!
And look at this cray turnip! 
Seems like she must have infinite access to a defunct factory of bizarre rhinestones and cabochons.
Here's some from her massive sold section:
And you can see where I got my inspiration to use textured rhinestones.
Which you can see here:

But beyond that, it made me realize that a lot of my cute colorful beads would make nice earrings for me to actually keep for myself.
How long has it been since i made something for myself?
And I'm using these very 70s-era handicraft big beads that I haven't had as much luck w/in my etsy work.
So fun not to have to worry about perfection, get to use my cheap-o ear wires, don't worry that they're too simple to get a price that would make it worthwhile to put them in the shop.  
Right now I'm wearing earrings that are just 3 of these dangling on a short, small ear wire.
I don't have a picture, but they're adorable!

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