Hip Hop Hooray

I got my injections and my hands are all better!  Yeeeha!(I glued the silver Mary disk thing on to this MOP keychain.  I smeared my dirt and wax mix to fill in the edges and gaps, but it hasn't dried and looks overdone here.)
So I've been making up a storm.  Oh joyous day!  Oh ecstasy of beauty and creation, of chasing the visions barely hinted at in my subconscious.

(Sari yarn cord, skull and rhitulated drop from my haul.)
Here are some sneak peeks.

But now I'm thinking phuket!  I'm an original, I don't have to follow the rules.  Especially since I'm not expecting any kind of following or audience... er, I mean readers, that's the word.  And when I get excited about stuff I'm making, I wanna share.  I know it would be much better to take snapshots of my workspace instead of scans, but I can't quite get in that habit. When I'm making, I can't seem to think of anything else.
(This necklace includes crochet sent to me by Sparrow ages ago, and the strip of whatever sewn stuff, that I think will be part of a "chain" for the focal in the first image.  It has these amazing tiny heart nail-heads she sent in that same package.  Oh, the dirty-white ball chain was from her too.  I am nuts about that worn plastic ball chain. There's something that happens when plastic gets old. You can see it in the little horse, too.  Oh, happy happy.)

So I just completely contradicted myself- I don't expect a following but I post these images b/c I wanna share?


Jo Archer said...

I'm glad you do want to share, your new necklaces are fabulous.

As to blog posting, I started mine for me, somewhere I could put stuff I liked: sort of an online diary, but without the bad poetry and tales of lost love! However, once you get a few followers you then feel obligated to post things for them, to keep them interested and then it becomes a chore.

Glad your injections worked.

AuntieAnnie said...

Your posting is marvelous and inspirational. I am glad the injections worked. I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands - I hope that you can avoid the same. Exercises work and I do them to keep my hands flexible - here is a link - http://www.eatonhand.com/hw/ctexercise.htm

fanciful devices said...

Aw- thanks so much for the comments. it means so so much. I think I am gonna have surgery. Doctor says so... but stretching and exercise work too. also splints and heat. but nothing like how well injections work. and i still have to keep doing all the stuff that hurts them in the 1st place-thus the need for a permanent fix.
i'm not worried, though.
Cuz i'm in denial!