I had a request to make this guy a matching mate.
  Ok, that looks super yellow but i think its the scan. its really hard to make somehting that matches after the fact.  I need to darken the new one a bit. Obviously, I no longer had matching studs, so I painted some other ones white, then coated them w/protective wax.
As you can see, the underside is pretty interesting. It became clear that the original was too small for an actual human, so i enlarged it w/a strip of antique bandage fabric. Betcha never seen that before.  I hope my customer understands and even likes that wacky bit.  I'm not pleased w/how the new one's button ended up under the thumb. that was necessary to make the wrist bit go in.  I should've put the button on the other side of the wrist bit opening, but the idea was that it would mirror the original, like the flower detail does.  I dunno...  Sheesh. It was more trouble than I expected, and I'm all fretful about all the details.  Next time I should make a glove pair.

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