things i cant post in shop b/c my hands hurt too much

my carpal tunnel is back w/a vengence. they say i wont be able to get injections again. now the option is surgery after whitch i wouldnt have full mobility or wouldnt be able to do the motions that hurt my hands. which is everything. including wiping my ass after a poop.  so right now i'm in shock. and my left hand hurts just from taking these pix and clicking around to edit them.
i'd describe some of these, but, y'know. soul-destroying pain.

here are all my 5 pictures of each thing, ready for etsy. but all the typing is too painful.

ok, this is a bit funny. i soooo wanted to make smthng despite pain so i 'made' this:
which is basically a pendant on a strip of rag.  i'd already ripped, dyed and waxed it before.  ok, so it isn't SO un-artful- i did have to mess w/the fabric. its from an old bandage wrap
i also have a ton of unfinished things. and even more things still coming.  kill me now.

in the tart tin, earrings waiting for assembly.

 i was even gonna make a necklace with that clip. it was gnna have strips of rags clipped on, exchangeable. strands of beads and bits.

this ring needs all this gluey gunk removed.

sorry 4 th writing. left hand hurting, too.

and this neclace centerpiece really killed my hands. 
 hubs sez he's gnna get me a 'crafter monkey'.
wonder how long it'd take to learn to do this w my feet?


Little Brown Sparrow said...

ohhhhhhhhhh- I wish there was something I could do! I get all antsy if I can't help people. Especially people like you who NEED to be able to use their hands. Maybe you might need to take a break for a month, I know it hurts, just...move things around on the worktable. Ah listen to me talking like you can just not make things for a month- PFFFT. I'll give money if monkeys are expensive. Why is it monkeys and not monkies. Stupid language.

I neeeeeed that solder wrapped crystal. You know I'm stealing that idea, if I ever get around to soldering.

Jo Archer said...

Sorry you are suffering, but if it's any consolation, I had carpal tunnel surgery last year on my left hand. Yes it's painful and no you can't go to the loo easily, or put your bra on, but it is worth it.

Once I'd recovered from the surgery, all the pain and numbness disappeared and I have no problems at all now. It's definitely worth thing about.

Love your new things; the fabric necklace is gorgeous.

AuntieAnnie said...

Okay - I have had carpal tunnel surbery in both hands - my hands are now much better. If you aren't doing Physical therapy for your hands please start - this is like calisthetics for your hands. Also - I wear contact lens, and needed a way to get them in my eyes after surgery - so I did dry runs of everything (including poop) I needed to do after surgery and did them with my hand immobilized in an ace bandage. My husband kindly offerred to help with some things - namely putting my bra on me....Good luck.

TesoriTrovati said...

I am so very sorry to hear of your pain. Such beauty you make. I love the binder clip and the idea you have. And the crafter monkey might be a good idea... you could get into selling them to people who just need more help too! I am thinking of you and hoping that you can find an end to your pain so you can start creating again. Enjoy the day! Erin

fanciful devices said...

aw! thanks guys! just resting my hand for a day has helped a lot.