New in Shop

What is wrong with me that all this stuff should make me so ecstatic?
You know what else makes me happy?  Dogs.
Also seeing my students do well and gain confidence.
Sure love me some chocolate.
But dogs more than chocolate and making stuff even more than dogs.  
Not that they have an order.  That would be silly.  
Every time I see a dog, and I live in dog central, I end up sprawled on the sidewalk with them, getting licked all over my face and squeezing their chub.
My favorite part of a dog is the muzzle.  My husband and I call that the "mush".
Its soft and fuzzy and has the best little stink on it.  And it...  wait... what was this post about?  Oh, yeah. New stuff.  Um.  Yeah.  
So here's some stuff.  Whaddaya think?  Any good? (I'm fishing for compliments...)

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