Dainties, Inspiration Lots, etc

OMG, I just listed these and someone bought all of them.Earthy art beads- chunky polymer clay artisan elements- Carin Stones
Cairn Stones
I named them Cairn Stones because of a comment by autena saying that's what they looked like. Which thank you for saving me the trouble! Well, first I had to look up cairns to make sure I remembered correctly what that was. But because of that comment and that name, I ended up driving myself mental trying to balance these little stacks that kept toppling over, then photoshopping out the wires they were strung on to keep them up. Ah the life of an arteest.
I made another textile cuff that I'm pretty thrilled with:
Textile wrist cuff bracelet with antique fabric trims- “Tattered Hopes”

Tattered Hopes
It's the collage-ness of it all that I just love so much. I wish I had more really old rough worn out appliqués like the floral one you see left of the paisley bullion one. If you have any like that send me a pic on etsy, I'll make you an offer. A probably offensively low offer.
Also can I take a moment to bitch about having to photoshop my manly arm hair out of these bracelet pictures? Sometimes hair by hair? I don't personally mind cuz I'm macho and it looks good when I'm hefting logs across the tundra as I do, but my pix need no such distractions.

Oh I was gonna show you all the dainties I made.
Plum and pink assemblage necklace with vintage glass beads - “Courage”
An inviciti pewter bezel. It's a lot easier when the bezel's already made, y'all.

Look at the gem drop there. I don't even know what stone it is but drool, right? Also those two cabs are actually broken sugar beads. Instead of tossing them, I bezeled them cuz I'm clever.

I've been taking these pix from farther away. You get a better idea of the scale, even though my mannequin is super skinny and petite because society. No hairy arms on her I tell ya. She's so feminine she doesn't even have arms!
Mixed media necklace with resin pendant and chrome diopside beads - “A Conversation in the Garden”
A Conversation in the Garden
An eclectic trio of focals. You know I was tempted to call this one Adam and Steve.

This enameled headpin and the one in the previous necklace were handmade gifts from the lovely Suzy Frank who recently sent me a bunch of enameled gorgeousness. She just opened her own little shop!

Layered pink and gold assemblage necklace with rose quartz and vintage bell - “This Moment”
This Moment
Going through and removing all bullion out of things. Which is cool cuz like here I replaced it with swoon-worthy matte gold chain. Still lovin' the matte gold.

This one changes with the light because the profile is pasted right on the bare brass of the bezel. Metal reflects light etc. Bare brass bezel. Pretty pewter pendant. Large grit gold glass glitter. Ha.
Vintage beaded necklace with resin pendant and pom pom bead -“A Quiet Conscience”
A Quiet Conscience
Oh another reason I don't mind my failed bullion experiments is that I finally tried actually sewing with it and it was awesome! See cuff above. And not hard at all. So now I don't feel wasteful with the stuff I got even though it was only like a dollar for three meters. It's a mental thing. I have all kinds of mental things. I'm a mental thing.
Purple assemblage necklace with amethyst and vintage chain-  “Sigh No More”
Sigh No More
Here's another inviciti. I purpled it up so I could use some of my purple elements with it.

 I addd a tiny touch of Perfect Pearls but then I didn't like it and used chalk pastel instead. That way you get the color without all the reflection.
Resin pendant necklace with lampwork beaded chain - “Ever Young”
Ever Young
I adore this one but I think it might not sell because it's a boy and ladies want images of girls. Because we're all a bunch of lezbos. But no really, look how beautiful this image is, and how gorgeously it fits into this beautiful rectangular bez. I also made the chain using these amazing tiny lamp work jump rings omg look at them! Look at them more.

Also, see how differently cool it looks once you engage the extender chain? "Differently cool" and "engage the extender chain" are two phrases I'm going to try to get all the kids to start using.
Do you notice how often I get distracted by my own words? Like, what is that? Just the other day I read that grammar nazi-ism is a type of OCD. It's totally true!  Logically I know it doesn't matter if it's your or you're because everyone understand each other anyway, but it's like this impossible compulsion you have to just blurt out. So distracting and stupid. Also no one will thank you for correcting them. It doesn't matter but it's so distracting I can't continue unless I point it out I'm so annoying! I'm a mental thing.
Ornate cast brass pendant necklace with vintage chain and braided leather- “Come What May”
Come What May
Btw, most of these dainty pieces come with cool little quotes you can read in the listing descriptions, if you're curious about the names. I kind of discovered some lesser known Shakespeare ones I really dug.

OK ok. But that's not all! Cuz guess what I made a butt load of inspiration kits using brand new resin pendants. Oh yeah baby.

Pink Lover’s Eye
Almost messed up and called this one Pink Eye. Ew. Anyway- aren't these cool?
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup lot assortment- Dark Woman
Dark Woman
I think this is my very favorite. Look at this awesome chick. Even the sections of body I was able to frame: gorgeous- and without showing any naughty bits! I even like this collection of items the best I think. Maybe. They're all my babies and I love them all of course.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Winter Dancer
Winter Dancer
A close-up of the face of Degas' famous ballerina.
Middle right you can see these cool-ass beads I got. They're old lampwork that someone had the brilliant idea of sand etching for a cool-ass dusty finish. I have a bunch so I added the girlier ones to the kits.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Dark Eye
Dark Eye
I had some really large art to work with, ergo really large bezels. Here I tried using some bullion in a sort of frame because of a comment by Lisa Bommarito. Of course she suggested to unravel bits into corkscrews and add that which I still have to try. I do like this along the edge though cuz edges can be tricky. Sometimes you can see where the paper meets the brass wall. I don't mind that at all but I always thought it looked kind of meh in pictures. So this is a way of taking care of that. I think I'll try one where I add the bullion at the bottom before the first resin pour so I can get it right up against the edge.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Shush
I learned that if you add a third pour to make a very domed bezel you end up with a magnified image and that also takes care of the edge, as you can see here.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- The Sultry Sleeper
Sultry Sleeper
You can kind of see some edge in this little one. Not actually ugly in any way. The square beads are pressed glass from the etched lampwork lot, a really cool mustard color.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup lot assortment- Sparks
And here's the biggest kit. Really has some special things in it, including dat fat druzy oh man.

Here it is on its side so you can see where I gold leafed it. Also these fibers cuz I thought they went so well with the colors of the lot. They're holographic, wow.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Shush
This one's special because it has matte brown chalk pastel dust blended into all the layers of resin around the edge. In real life you can easily tell it's in the layers of resin and not down at the bottom where the picture is, so it looks super cool and ghostly.  I wanna try this again.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment in warm pale yellows
Warm pale yellows
I just re-read all this and I sound like such a spaz. In reality a substitute dance teacher at the gym kicked my ass today and I'm barely conscious.
Rustic resin inspiration kit- bead soup junk lot assortment- Romantic Profile
Romantic Profile
Ok now I'm going to tell you my "metida de pata" for today. That translates to ... like when you stick your foot in it. So Mr Devices and I have decided to go to Uruguay next March and I was talking to the Uruguayan lady who makes our reservations. I've never met her, only talked on the phone a couple times but. See, she has the exact perfect Uruguayan voice. I never hear that accent in the US, the Spanish people speak here is nothing like it. And it's more than just an accent or dialect, it's a whole ... it's a whole soul in that voice that is so familiar to me. Cuz who do I ever hear speak that way? My parents, and then when I go to Uruguay, all my extended family.
Polymer clay bracelet connectors with crackle. Rustic jewelry elements, your choice of three.
So it clicked something in my brain where family lives and as I was saying bye I said, "un beso."  Which means "a kiss". Which is the equivalent of how here we say "love you" when we're saying goodbye in English.
I said "love you" to a lady I've never met. She kind of laughed and after disconnecting it dawned on me what I'd just said and oh the horror. This is why people hate learning languages, you always sound like a fucking fucktard. I'm always sticking my foot in it.
Well, its' not as bad as the time in Uruguay Mr. Devices kissed a total stranger but. Did I ever tell you about that?

Lover’s Eye
OK, I just listed this last eye. It's a pain cuz in most of these I've been meticulously describing every bit in the kit and that takes so long but then I don't want buyers to think it's just whatever here's a bunch of junk. I want them to treasure each bit as much as I do. On the other hand they have eyes don't they? Idk. I'm trying most of them with meticulous itemized lists and a few with "everything you see here" so we'll see if it makes a difference. Probably not.

Finally,  lovely customer sent me this dragon and asked if I could make it into a necklace. I said she might be disappointed because it really didn't need much of anything. I offered to get one of those turkish crescent things to beef it up but she was like Noooo it's perfect I love it, so I was happy.

OK one more story- My little niece Marcela in her letter to Santa she asked for finger food for her baby brother Marco. Cuz he loves the little cereal he can grab then shove his whole fist in his mouth in hopes the piece will stay when the fist is removed but I guess they're always running out? So she asked Santa for food for her brother!!!




Oh boy, lots to share!Modern primitive labradorite necklace - "The Key to the Universe"
The Key to the Universe
This is a yerba mate gourd rim decoration made of sterling with 18k gold accents from Uruguay. I set a crazy nice labradorite cab in there and mounted it all fancy. There's two spikes by JBDRusticOrganic and a super-finely etched antique button hook which might also be sterling. Three beads by 4Ophelia/nearlylost and electrical cloth-covered cording.

And if you don't think dis speshul right here then idk what to tell you.
Long layering necklace with sterling silver Hand Mirror pendant - "The Importance of the Self"
The Importance of the Self
Another super fancy one with lots of sterling and a precious hand from inheritance haul.

I left the non-focal part very plain. It sold.
Chunky brown beaded choker - earthy artisan and antique beads - "Geolatry" 
This one sold too and I'm so glad cuz I made almost all the beads. Sixteen! From six different series I've done. So I'm glad someone valued it as much as I did.

I even wove the cord in the back.Primitive chunky bead choker necklace - "Geolwe"
This ones got an ancient roman ring, a clay pipe found in the Themes and seven of my polybabies. And like the last one, it's deceptively light weight.
Statement totem bead stack pendant necklace - sculptural jewelry - wearable art - "Passage from the Other World"
Passage from the Other World
Another chunky sold necklace!

They actually all sold to the same lady.
This one's also very light.Ancient Roman blue glass earrings - "Light is in Both"  
Light is in Both
Look at these! They're actually from back in my Patroness days but someone returned them to me cuz she said they were heavy. They are. But I was glad at how much I still liked them.
Rustic assemblage earrings in earthy orange - "When you Appear" 
When you Appear
Here's me in the description trying to come up with a reason why I put two such different art styles together with this mismatched set of bezels: "Two contrary depictions of femininity to question our beauty ideals." They're inviciti bezels from the huge lot they sent me, more coming soon. Note my Faux Ancients and a little Gobi Desert Agate.
Ornate antique textile cuff bracelet with recycled Afghan jewelry - "Eternity at Night"  
Holy moley textile cuffs!!! I got such an itch when I saw this gorgeous antique sari trim on eBay.

I only meant to embellish it a little, thinking the trim could carry the day but next thing I knew...
Textile wrist cuff bracelet with resin angel focal - “We are Visitors”
We are Visitors
Oh jeez look at this baby! More sari trim and a big square resin piece that would've sucked if I had to cut into pendant-sized bits. I found this old staple bezel I've had forever and curved it, perfect.

Also hammered me the edge bars for the trim.  Also coated the trim in paste wax and polyurethane cuz the silk fibers seemed to want to fly up from the leaves and petals. Now its nice and flatResin artist necklace with wire-wrapped pendant and woven chain - "As Long As We Have Voices"
As Long As We Have Voices
Speaking of resin.

Check out that wound-wire frame oh yeah.

Check out the three ancient beads all dangling on slightly different pins.
Feminine rustic necklace with resin pendant and abalone in sterling silver - "Everyone has Lost Something"  
Everyone has Lost Something
AKA "Abalone Mahoney." Not really.
 But I was extra proud here when Sparrow who was helping with listings couldn't recognize that three of the beads here were my polybabies.
Pink and green layered necklace with resin pendant - "Truest Victory"
Truest Victory
Can I be honest for a mo? I really love everything I make.

I like that lately everything is either way delicate or way chunky.Wearable art necklace with pastel chunky beaded chain and antique cameo pendant - Cronos  
Maybe this guy's a bit in between. Look at that halo I gave him! Gorgeous bi-cones by JBDRusticOrganic and some turbans from shipwreckdandy and also three of my own.

All of these have some snippet of matte gold chain.💛
A Mind Stretched
Look at this! I found a stillpointworks disk- - - swoon.

It's so organic and abstract next to the fancy rhinestones.
Reserved for Anita. Do not purchase.
Old Ways
Three rough slab amethysts from Uruguay I've set in tin with a bit of metal leaf.

A section of a fancy sterling and amethyst bracelet, a ghost quartz.
Rustic feminine choker necklace with vintage beads - “Hesychastic”
I think I'm obsessed with focal-less chokers. Even did a delicate one.

You guys I'm just getting over a cold that had me in bed for a week cuz my niece and nephew germed me. It feels so good when you finally get better and breathing is a thing again.

I'm thinking of getting a cloth dress form. They're much more plentiful and economic now and I hate the way this mannequin's collar bones and boobs stick out, warping the hang on everything.
Polymer clay bracelet connectors with crackle. Rustic jewelry elements, your choice.
Polymer connectors
But I also hate making big bulky purchases that will take up room in the house.
But look a these cute connectors.
Black jewelry inspiration kit  
And this black creativity lot that I stupidly undercharged for cuz I was just listing so much stuff so fast.

Here's what's coming on our next episode:

Lots of inviciti bezels on delicate guys.

Do you all go on little obsession-journeys? Personal fixation trends? I recently discovered these very rough ancient cameos and they're just doing it for me:

I was thinking if I could reproduce them in polymer but they'd just look plastic-y and lame.

I was looking through etsy trying to remind myself I don't have to be a cheapskate re supplies anymore and I found these guys:

Imna start adding them to everything I make. Y'all are gonna be like, "Are... are you ok?" And Imma be like, "If you can't support me on my journey then get out my way!" Oh man those cracked me up.

Now turn up the volume guys this is really important:

He falls asleep when she says so!