I was writing to Sparrow (before she left for England, *sniff*) and we wuz wondering why other folks don't seem to solder random things like I do.  Like here, these earrings.

I named this piece Mountain Men of Note and described some famous mountain men in the listing.  The casings are all from Robert's dad, so it totally makes me think of him.  And he's obsessed with mountain men.
My previous version of this necklace was off.  Too much negative space, see:


Jo Archer said...

Because we're scared of the soldering iron! (Don't ask. it's something I need to deal with. lol)

fanciful devices said...

i think we resist new techniques b/c its a whole 'nuther bucker o' worms. but i mean, for those that *already* solder. they're not scared. they're just not looking around like me going - which technique of mine can i apply to which bit? plus you often get bits w/o holes. or i do, and soldering is easier than drilling anyday.

Desirée Isphording said...

Hi there,

I adore your jewelry and wanted to let you know that I featured some of your work on my blog: http://pheeadornments.blogspot.com (the images are linked directly to your Etsy shop listings and there is a text link too). My blog doesn't have a large following at the moment but I wanted to let you know just the same.

fanciful devices said...

why, thank you so so much desiree. that's so wonderful, i'ma go look!