Somebody stop me!

Cafe Cartolina posted about this shop on ebay.  I really have more than I need, I'm just now unburring myself from my Uruguay stash, I have a big ol' package coming from sparrow, and I bought several strands of gemstone heishi....

And although I've come out as being staunchly opposed to cutesy... my defenses are weakened.  It's like when your immune system is on the fritz.
(I should mention the store's called fancylinda.  At first I was like- wait? Is that me?  Cuz our names start the same... I'm easily confused.  She's also on etsy.)


Fiona Cartolina said...

Oh dear you have a bad addiction don't you? Are you a member of trim collectors anonymous! My evil self is happy to have introduced you to Fancylinda's wares - and wait til you see what she has coming up very soon - stay tuned to the Cafe!

fanciful devices said...

OMG- she just convoed me and said she was a fan and was going to send me a "care package"!!!
I'm freaking enough to have just written 'OMG!'

missficklemedia.com said...

Oh! Look at that paisley!
Are you going to buy? Share if you do!!!