Poppet Magik.  Vintage Milagro Earrings.The Brethren of Purity. Vintage Jonquil Rhinestone and Antique Button Earrings.Sales have been lackluster. 

Comet.  Vintage Glass Drop on Gold Filled Hoop.
Soul Eater. Crystal Soldered Dangles. I lowered some prices and got me a spot in the Jewelry Earrings Showcase for today.  Let's see how it goes. It took me a while to decide which one should be the first listing.  My earrings that folks like sold fast, of course, but earrings was the only showcase available.  Tomorrow, though, I'm in necklaces.
The House of Wisdom.  Reclaimed Tin Blade Earrings.Royal Marys. Antique Gold Medal Earrings.The Winged Energy of Delight. Antique Chandelier and Textile Earrings.Poppet Magik 3. Milagro and Rhinestone Earrings.Elephants of Digboi.  Asymmetrical Earrings.Wrath of Heaven. Pyrite and Gold Religious Medal Earrings.The First Asylum. Button Pearl and Linen Earrings.Trinket Island. Found Object Earrings.Flowering Sugar Drops. Vintage Millinery for the Ear.White. Religious Medal and Opalecent Drop Earrings.


Jo Archer said...

Hi Marina, my fabulous little choker arrived today and I absolutely love it. The thoughtful packaging was almost as exciting as what was inside! That's why I buy handmade.

If you get back on FB and accept your friend adds I can post a photo of me wearing it.

fanciful devices said...

i cant remember my passwork for fb. i suck. i'm a mess.
but i'm so glad you liked it!

Jo Archer said...

Perhaps for the best, they don't call it Crackbook for nothing!
Here's a link to my Flickr, you can see it on there anyway.


fanciful devices said...

OMG are you cute! you might consider disconnecting that extra chain. Unless you like it. It was handmade by a Uruguayan street hippie/punk, btw.
when i get home i'll figure out how to post that here! i wish all my patrons sent pictures.

Jo Archer said...

No I love the chain hanging down. I like it's origins too. It's just perfect.