Madre Perla

Antique Carved Mother of Pearl Button - Smoky Gray 28mm BEAUTIFUL IRIDESCENCELARGE Vintage MOP Buttons - Mixed Lot of 9 - Rainbow IridescenceAntique Pearl Button - Incised Sun Design 18mm AMAZING IRIDESCENCETraveling MoonsVictorian Mother of Pearl Button - Carved Smoky Brown 30mm BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUECarved Mother of Pearl Button - Smoky Gray 28mm BEAUTIFUL COLORSVictorian Mother of Pearl Button - Carved Smoky Gray 18mm BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUEVINTAGE, LARGE SMOKEY  SHELL BUTTONS,  MOTHER OF PEARLVINTAGE ANTIQUE IRIDESCENT MOTHER OF PEARL BUTTON CARVED ETCHED SHELL LARGE 1-3/16 inch SEWING8 Mother of Pearl Buttons from 1940s on original cards - Lady Washington PearlsHand Painting Birds and Roses painted on Vintage Mother of Pearl Buttons lot of 3Vintage Mother of Pearl Button - 1Antique Etched Abalone Button FOUR FEATHERSAntique Button Iridescent Brown Mother of Pearl 1/2 InchSmoky Pearl Shell Star Patterned ButtonsToday's Storque article and link to the Pearl Button Museum in Iowa got me in the mood to search for vintage carved MOP  buttons.  I'll have to keep an eye out next month when I go to visit my in-law's in Virginia.  That's where I do my flea marketing.  Like I really need more stash.
Antique/Vintage Beautiful Pierced Ocean Pearl Buttons Set of 4Found these dazzlers via Cartolina.


Regina Moore said...

Cool buttons! I collect buttons...I have bunches and bunches...love to just look at all the various colors, shapes, sizes.

Boot ~C said...

can you ever have too much stash? really?

fanciful devices said...

lol- well, i'm sorta the anti-hoard. i get nervous realizing i have stash that i forgot about, or looking at stuff and remembering all my plans for it all. in fact i get frantic. which is why i make so much stuff!