Messy Piles of Joy

I had a whim to photograph my grimy table again.
It's glass coated in gunk.
That's it's Ikea name- Glassundgunk.
Freaked out by too many supplies as usual.

But looooooook!  So cuuuuuuuuuuuute!
In the back here you see a tub of my wax and dirt mix I use to grunge everything up.  Looks lovely, hu?
OH! I just remembered- I have a 1 month vacation coming up!  Oh shit!  My poor husband isn't gonna see me out of my PJs or wearing a bra in weeks!

These are little polymer clay heishi that this guy makes gradiated- er, shaded in grades, like you see in some tourmaline gemstones- by mixing shades.  I was curious to mix transparent and elephant grey.  I' m not sure if it'll work but, we'll see.  He sells them by five thousand, in any colors you want, but i asked him for 1000 and he was very happy and willing.  Maybe it's cuz he's a boy, I dunno, but, I can't imagine someone wanting 5000 of anything they haven't had a chance to touch and mess with before.

And here's my lazy baby, suffering from the heat.
At some point this was considered the guest room.  Biggest bed in the house and it's been claimed by Bingo.  A couple times when people have visited and we prepared the bed for them, he's peed on it.

I'm constantly swiping his hair out of photo shoots and projects. But then, I'll never have to change diapers or buy Dora the Explora backpacks.  Or pay college tuition.


fancylinda said...

Ooh, nice! I like to see pictures of people's supplies and stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with the little disembodied hand (5th photo).

fanciful devices said...

yeah, lots of folks like to see stash and workspace, i guess as a way to learn more about your process? or to see if you (the viewer) might learn new tips and tricks? Or to feel better about ur own mess?
the hand is from uruguay, of course. it's from a santo statue that lived in a church. You can see the little stigmata marks, so it was Jebus. I can't wait to see what I do with it either!

Blood Milk said...

i want that hand!!!!!!