I've lowered a bunch of prices.
Black and Blue.  Antique Tag and Bead Strands for the Wrist.The Chaldean Oracles. Black Baubles Necklace.
I didn't label them all 'sale' however. Can't help feeling that makes them look undesirable.  Kinda like saying "I was deluded enough to think it could go for this other price to begin with!"
Royal Marys. Antique Gold Medal Earrings.Calavera.  Wood and Sari Yarn Assemblage.
I think my prices got too high because of pressure from all sortsa folks going- "You should chanrge more! You need to raise your prices!"
Sale. Binder Clip Interchangeable Assemblage Neckpiece.Sale. Ignorant Armies. Antique Bulb Neck Piece.
In the end it was very self-defeating.  And yes, etsy creates a lot of competition.  It's called the free market.  Same reason why millions work for pennies in factories and we look at price tags.  It's called capitalism.
  Sale. Battle Axe. Enamel and Tin Tag Bracelet.Sale. Perfume.  Antique Bottle and Rose Petal Necklace
And though there's lots of competition on etsy and you could get double in boutiques, the boutique owners have so much overhead, they'd have to take half of what the item goes for anyway.  So there.
The Old Believers. Antique Clay Pipe Assemblage Neckware.The Evolution of Music. Antique Dance Card and Hessonite Necklace.
Not gonna let it stress me out.  (Repeat that 10 times every time you feel stressed.)

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