fancylinda, how can I thank you?

I wrote this post, what, 4 days ago?  Then two days ago I received a deceptively small box in the mail.
In it I found an array of precious, tiny treasured that gave me a panic attack each time I looked at them.  I had to put it away twice before really looking at it.  It was too much.
How do you go about thanking someone you've never met for the best, and for sure most unexpected, gift you've ever gotten?
Stars and eyes, carved fans and antique cut steel buttons.  reverse painted religious cabochons, milk glass droplets and flowers, connectors and oversized sequins, tinted glass leaves with a worn, silvered surface-treatment.
 Tiny chevron evil eyes, ceramic disks and rounds, playing cards, rhinestone rounds, carved buttons, shanks and semi precious stones in a soft grey-cream.
Nailhead-style pressed black antique Czech glass beads, some tiny and some large with painted gold caps.  Rhinestone in strange tiny sorta geometric black drop settings.  
Big, mottled-blue ceramic beads.  A sew-on crown-shaped rhinestone.
The most amazing applique bird made with silver-gold bullion, along with a bunch of little applique babies to surround it.
These big, silver, faceted, glass coins with a lightly worn or scratched off luster ab finish.  More carved buttons.  Tiny cut steel buckles and rhinestone hoops in smokey dust and opaque jet.All wrapped up in a beautiful little box made to look like a stack of old letters, wound around by delicate cotton lace trim.  And then she thanks me?  Honestly, this is BETTER than winning the lottery, since that's just money.
And sure I could buy these with money, but it wouldn't be as good as some amazing, mysterious person deciding to give them to me.  After all, if I won the lottery, I'd feel obliged to give it all to so many in need.  But I can't very well offer beads to save the chimpanzees or give vintage glass to Haiti, can I?  I'm sure I could, actually.  But I really don't want to...  I mean.  Oh, no.  Now I have to worry that maybe I should.  Am I nuts? Am I babbling again?  

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