Finally in the Shop

I find I spend a bit of time writing the 'descriptions' for my pieces, though little time actually describing them.  Since my items aren't made of albanian virgin's tears, I find the pictures and a note about size are enough most of the time.  
This allows the rest of the description to be about whatever.

Early on, before opening my shop, I decided the descriptive space was another opportunity for self expression.

For example, the 'description' of my very first item sold: 'These ancient sciences will lure you with their music and hysterics. These priestesses will chart your hallucinations and create logarithms of your lusts. You can become a slave of aesthetics just as you can to narcotics, beauty will call you to it from within your very core. How will you function as a zombie, a slave?'  

Pretty goofy.
Another early piece reads: 'You will go into trances and hysterics. The sweat will pour from your skin. You will find yourself dancing, exhausted, in a Brazilian carnival.'

When I couldn't think of anything else to say, I started looking around for interesting things on the internet.  
There have been times when I am compelled to write something of my own from scratch instead of just editing chunks from wikipedia.A historical tidbit that produces a sense of mystery or awe in me always makes me want to tell others as well.  So I do.  In the description.  Keep up.
  Such was the case for this piece that had a scrap of text on it reading "lunandose" which is a play on soliandose- sunbathing.  This inspired a poem.  I haven't written a poem in decades.

If you fall through the navel of the night, 
down into the underdream, 
the unfathomable injustice which is life 
will lift away, along with all joys-
an unclenching.

Moonbeams cannot reach 
into this cold, slow kingdom. 
Your swimming elongates you. 
Now you are a snake, everdeepening. 
A light particle become wave.

Will you meet yourself here, 
as one gradually approaching a mirror? 
Miles within your core... 
sleeping anchor, 
moonface you.
Such was also the case for this little guy, inspired by the fact that the focal is a dance card.  I once saw a documentary about the origins of music.  I can't for the life of me remember or find it, but the explanation they had about various aspects of music and how they related it to animal behavior was stunning to me.  It made so much sense that I instantly integrated it into my life-view.  So, yeah, it took a bit of time to write it out in a way that made sense but was still concise enough for a description section in an etsy listing.  And it wasn't that concise...

But whatever, check out the cool heishi!


Jo Archer said...

Well I've just been tempted to buy the tiny bottle choker. I love it and the description. (My Etsy name is nico24) I like "Moonbathing" too.

Lorelei said...

i think your descriptions are super. Can i hire you to write mine? I'd love to see what you come up with!!

Regina Moore said...

Your jewelry designs are stunning and I love the descriptions!

rivenwanderer said...

Your descriptions are so great :)

fanciful devices said...

lorelei- that's so flattering. even if you're kidding. but unlike my descriptions, yours are actually descriptive. accurate , even.

And it just clicked that the Joanne Archer I just mailed the tiny choker to is you, jo! I kept thinking about how romantic your address is the street is ... Viking Close- right? sounds like something out of a fairy tale! too cute.
er. not to publish your address to the world...