Newly Discovered Shop Love

I've just discovered rubypearl.  Here's some eye candy.

Not only that, she has this amazing blog.  It has nothing at all to do w/her makings, it's just her writing.  Two separate entries MADE ME CRY.  It's been years since I cried, I think.  But mostly, she's crazy funny.  I've just been reading for the past couple hours.  It's been so long since anyone spoke so engagingly to me and not about making.

Yeah, I think I'm going to just say making from now on.  Art is too much, crafting too little, making jewelry is too little and too exclusionary.  Arts-and-crafts sound like summer camp.  When people ask me what I do and I have to say "art jewelry" I always let out an inner Ugh.   What if I went with "recycled art jewelry?"  Too much?  "Wearable art" needs to be shot.  "Recycled narrative jewelry" is fun in that it engages the idea of the story-mood a piece evokes, but it would only lead to the inevitable "What the hell is narrative jewelry, you pretentious ass?"


Penelope said...

Jesus you're right- that is a great blog! Wish I had an old tape of my Grandmother swearing.

Not wearable art! I used that once and I felt violated. I think found object jewelry is a little bit wanky but honest (that's the one I use) - 'assemblage jewelry' is a little bit wanky too... I think we're just going to have to deal with the fact that art sounds wanky, no matter how you spin it.

fanciful devices said...