I'm in this lovely treasury by kid giddy. My item is called I Died Then Rose AgainMini Funeral Bouquet.  I reduced the price to $25 recently.

Sales have been so-so.  In part b/c my shop isn't very Christmas-y and I didn't do any Christmas specials.  I'm thinking of doing a giveaway for the buyer of the 300th item, since that's coming up pretty soon.  Can't think of what to give, though.  Maybe just a gift certificate for my shop.  Or refund, if preferred.   Hmm... how much, though?

          Since I'm on xmas break, I've been working away, though I still feel like I'm going in slo-mo... so many projects!!!  I just have to stop buying supplies.  I say that so many times every day, it's ridunkulous.   At the end February, I'm off to Uruguay w/husband for 2 wks, and I know I'll come back LOADED w/awesome bits you can't get here, and that's OK.  I plan on that.  Plus, things there are cheap and no one ever throws anything away, so you can find super cheap bits....  But so, no more bits.

        OH!  Plus my buddy sparrow salvage sent me a box of bits I can't even begin to describe.  I'm just trying to soak it in, it's amazing.  I haven't written to thank her b/c I can't even begin to put it into words.  And it smells just like this one incense from my past.  High school, when I was just starting to let my freak flag fly, as they say of late.  You know how smells can make it all rush back?  So that was crazy.  It was a time I wasn't super depressed and the joy I find now in making things, I found then in constructing a persona using outfits and bedroom decor.  There were some "new-wave" (as we used to say) witchy girls that really inspired me.  Well, more like 2.  I looked at them like "WOW"... like they were from another world.  Like now I feel w/good art/craft jewelry!  And now the bits, that are so sparrow salvage, are coming together in my mind w/those times and that feeling...  Weird.  Gotta try to write her now and put my gratitude/awe in words.


glimmering prize said...

just stumbled upon your etsy shop and your blog. have spent the last hour taking it all in. how wonderful and lovely. best wishes for you and youe shop in the new year!

fanciful devices said...

Wow, thanks so much. I haven't been checking for comments since this blog is mostly for myself and hadn't thought anyone else was looking- what a sweet surprise.

fanciful devices said...
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