New things, questions.

Winterbirds- simple but quite sweet, I think.

Newly posted in my shop.  I found a way to take pictures in my bedroom which has no curtains right
now. Natural light falls right on the bed!  Oh joy.

Hippocampus (that means seahorse) - too much fun w/the stripped ribbon!

Dandyism. Another of my vintage tin bezels folded around a thick piece of glass.

Stolen from a Tooth Fairy.  Detail.

I may have gone way over the top w/this one, just carried away in the fun of it.  See:

Stolen from a Tooth Fairy.

Perhaps everything from the focal to the viewer's right should be done away with and massively simplified.  And then I'll have to take all new pictures!  Waaa!

Ever so slightly more subdued with a similar optical-lens-over-a-single-cup-of-a-muffin-tin-reliquary-focal:

Celestial Verses

I like how it cracked when I was torturing it into shape, and the fact that all the things inside are loose, so they shake around.  Oh, I should mention that in the description.

Alliteration. Found Object Choker. 

(see- knob+nail, bell+button, key+coin!  Alliteration.)


Klaudia said...

Congrats on your new items! I love all of them and the photos are also very cool!

fanciful devices said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I had no idea folks were reading this blog! lol.

fanciful devices said...

Thanks so much. The photos are thanks to the newly discovered light in my curtain-less bedroom. Meanwhile, I've been sleeping in my husbands bedroom. Yes we have separate bedrooms! And no, there are no problems in our marriage- other than the fact that he's a goofball.