And now back to our regular program

Since yesterday's post was received with such enthusiasm, I braved my studio despite my sickly state to get some photos for all you patient, supportive ladies who stick by me even though I provide so little content on this here blog.... Ahem!
 Here's some over-the-top girly bling for ya ^^^.

I realized I could use more than plain ol' text on these cuffs. This one sports an antique match box label.

A weird pendant by potterygirl, who by the way has a new blog. And this post features my earrings which feature her beads.....

This is a piece of a telescope. Here you can see the layering effect of the 24k gold over the faux gold. You can see that on the cuff above, too.

Here, a piece of Uruguayan amethyst druzy gets a gold edge. These tend to go up in value when they are framed by gold or silver. The process is done by dipping (I think), but I'm the queen of cheats! Or 'workarounds' as readbetween would so elegantly say.

Two rustic ceramic bezels by Jewel Identity that I spiced up w/more foil layers... Tho you really can't tell it's layers here.

You can sorta see the layers here, on the left. Turns out the real gold is paler and yellower.

This one may be done. It actually has foil but over that is a dry brush finish of white paint. And no, that strawberry isn't being warped by the photo. I warped it by rolling it in my hands. It makes sense but not in this picture. Those are potterygirl1 beads. (I've been writing it potterygirl this whole time but it's potterygirl1.) Strawberry from here. And the metal piece was a blank from my SacredCake loot.

Another druzy amethyst and some dark beads from Amth13. And 2 eggs from Jewelidentity. Too much fun.

 I believe these are done. I'm pleased with the bar going across there. How did I make that bar you ask? I'll tell you...
1. I cut short bits of thick brass wire and hammered one side. 2. I threaded them through the hole I'd spent an hour drilling on these teeny things. 3. Then, I used a metal design punch- like the letter ones you hammer into sheet metal? But I turned it around so I was hammering straight into the design. The other end, I placed on the unhammered copper wire. This way, it's just like hammering without the threat of smashing the lightbulb.
Actually, unlike what this lovely illustration shows, I put the bit of wire I was hammering on my bench block/anvil/hammeringplace and let the bulb itself hang off the edge, so the wire would be flat against the bench block surface. It slipped off a couple times.
Anyways, you can use this trick to hammer anything near a delicate bit or to get into a small space the hammer can't reach.
Also, you only need one metal punch, so you can buy whatever you find for cheap, and not a whole alphabet.


What else? Oh, this piece wasn't selling so I decided the focal needed text.


Coming soon to a shop near you...

Also not foil-related:

Some more gorgeous happyfallouts.

A spoony bracelet that might need a dangle added. 

What's neat about this one is that the spoon isn't hammered to fit against the top or bottom of the wrist but rather to start at the top/bottom, curve around the edge and end on the other side.  If that makes sense. 

I dunno about this one above. Suggestions? Ideas?

And these might need foiling and text:

Finally, I've decided my personal fashion trend for 2012 is going to be layered hoodies.  Here I layered one with a plaid shirt. Look at that tomboy

Anyways, I believe you can layer hoodies with almost anything... except other hoodies. That would cause a rift in the space-time continuum.

(I included this last tidbit cuz I know you all love it so much when I veer off the jewelry-making topic...)


Little Brown Sparrow said...

I'm starting to think you're not a super-cute human after all, but in fact some kind of advanced artisan android. All that talk of eating,sleeping, walking the dog...it's all lies! You just sit at your station and make make make. I bet your husband is in fact just the maintenance man.

Also that law regarding two hoodies- if it's true, it would explain alot. I did that you see, back in 96. It actually would explain much about 1997.

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Well, at least there aren't any plastic dolls in this post. Can I hear an amen? ;)

The gold is looking really nice with all the dark stuff. Are you putting anything on top of the gold to seal/protect it?

Jennifer Valentine said...

what was all this talk back in the day of NO SHINY?! Then here comes the gold foil....hhhmmmmmm.....seems to be a bit of the 'ol bait and switch going on there lady...
anyway, i do LOVE the foil....LOVE.
and i wish i could make my blog half as amusing as yours is!
i'd be happy with half.

Vintajia Adornments said...

Hey all good up to the dunno-suggestions-ideas. Needs that boring little button on the bottom of the 'fishing for compliments' ditching and replacing with some outa-left-field, unhinged object.

And as for the plaid shirt is it flanelette? gotta be flanelette. No self respecting Bogun would wear anything else!

stregata said...

So that is where I have been - lost in time/space...

AnvilArtifacts said...

So right Sparrow! That's what I've been saying. I'm not convinced that she's human either.

All the gold looks awesome but the gilded lightbulbs are especially fabulous. Loving em alot!

Corvid Delights said...

Look how clever you are gold foiling the druzy crystals instead of electroform plating them! Just as beautiful and less costly. By the way I didn't mind the barbies, I thought it was hilarious how Mattel dressed "french" barbie in those sleazy costumes... french women dress very well.. no cheap ruffles that I saw.

Petra Carpreau said...

oh thank GOOOOD!No more pink dollies, pleeeeese!
I, like Jennifer, have been wondering where all this shiny bling bling thing is coming from - although I also feel absolutely certain that you'll have some wildly, smart-arsey explanation for it, like you did for the sudden use of pink!!!
I've been saying all along that you're not human - and here, proof if it were needed! This is what you do when you're sick????!! You're supposed to lie down in a semi-darkened room, and moan pitifully. Instead we get even more turbo-charged Fanciness! You don't play fair. Love it all - my faves,- the bits of hammered wire!!I'm very easily pleased - give me a bit of string, and i can play for hours!!
Glad you're feeling better, and loving the tomboy look despite the pinkness.

betweenreader said...

Think Gilder's Paste! Grunge the gold! Paste comes in colors and is available on, yes, Etsy. Curses, foiled again! xo, ya'll!