Quick Tutorial,

If it can be called that.
(Alice, caffeine loosens the bowels, true. But... I'm not talking about loosened bowels. I'm talking about  my husband no longer farts all day or has the kind of poops that have folks in hazmat suits searching the neighborhood for broken sewer pipes. OK, sorry everyone. As you were.)     (Corvid, you will always be associated with kindness and sweetness and mysterious Asian stinks to me.)  
(Janet, don't lie. You love the poop talk. You too beatnheart.)   (art-rej, wipe up the drool, its getting on the junk!)   (ensurdine, you made that up, right? sounds like a real thing. I read deSade in college- not for a class, mind you, just because- and it traumatized me.)
(Petra, its the walled city not kingdom. It's an entirely real place! Learned about it here on this amazing tumblr.) (betweenreader- wait baking soda does what trick? Stops the toots? But it adds a bitter taste.) 
(richelle- 'a terrible postmodern mantra'- that's as awesome as "anti-earrings." You sure can turn a phrase.) (alek, Hu? Did you just... Are you saying or somehow suggesting I make you a prosthetic finger? Was that? Cuz... I don't...  attaching... ... Or. You meant commission an actual medical type person, right?) (mermaiden, welcome, pull up a toilet.)
Don't forget these lovelies are still there for the taking on anvilartifact's blog giveaway:

And SacredCake is still accepting donations here, for the family of her friend who passed away.
What else? A customer exchanged a bracelet she'd previously purchased for another, so this little gal is back up:

And the final stack of pale bangles.

And finally! The lovely elertsted has shared some pictures of earrings she made after I so recklessly invited everyone to copy all my ideas. Actually, they're amazeballs:

I did some double and triple takes trying to figure out if these were actually mine or not. Apparently not.

In a couple instances the only thing that gave it away was the presence of those ball and coil bits on the ear wires. Which inspired me to do the makeshift tute above. But still! I mean, she went and purchased the exact elements in several cases! Wow. I feel truly and deeply stalked. *wipes tear*
Which leads me to... (ok, before I continue I gotta scratch this itch: you know how you get shiny bits of glue showing around a cab? You can smear some wax or even just rub a dirty finger over that and it'll make it stop shining and thus become virtually invisible.... pant pant! Though these are GORGEOUS, my eye just goes to those teeny tiny details b/c it does so on my pieces... I mean it's not that I'm a hypercritical party-pooper, though I am... and it's the quality I most dislike in my dad, but then I'm the same way!!! And I try to rein it in... and and... Argh! The humanity!)

Ring, eye of glass, silver, gold, ZirkoniaWhich leads me to this request: do you have anything you made inspired by something I made? I'd LOVE to see it and feel even more stalked!!! My heart would burst with happiness! I'd link to your shop/blog/facebook/youtube/ twitter/napkinholder! Like, for example, elertsted made this:

Ring, massively silver 925, petal <--And this 
And this:
Single - EarringI know, if she can do this what's she doing copying my goofy-assed... No, no! Not fishing for compliments! Back the truck up! Ok. That's better.
Now send me pix already.


Beatnheart said...

You are lovely, fabulous and wonderful. Your sharing is an amazing thing in this day and age...it shows a confidance in your own voice...you don’t worry about the people who use your ideas...of course nothing will ever compare to having something made by your hand.
I am honored to have met you. My own jewelry making has done a 360 since I started reading your blog(what like since Christmas !)...seriously and I am so much more happier for it. You break the rules and then rework them in such free spirted and marvelous ways. And like I said previously, you have the best stuff and the free abandonment of a child at play... I thought you were that man in your picture...some older hippie dude...that dug shit out of an empty lot or along a river bank somewhere down in Mississippi. i luvs ya kid and that’s a fact.

richelle said...

Oh wow. I make earhooks this exact same way, although I will throw out a couple of suggestions. Instead of tossing the teeny metal balls and coils, you can save them as they oxidize wonderfully and make lovely rustic spacers for teeny little spaces. Sounds pretty depression-era based, but they're free metal beads. Also--I am anal about filing, so not only would I recommend filing the end you snip, but check out the often-not-as-smooth-as-you-would-like-to-think regular ends of these fishhook style and commercial earrings. Very overlooked detail. Sometimes they have little snags on them. File.
I did a doubletake too, on those rustic faceteds! Are they mine? they look a different color and the facets are a bit larger. Wow!
I should get my own blog. But this has me thinking it would be a cool challenge for everyone who likes to copy and be copied to have a little deal where we each pick a piece for everyone else to copy each week.. See how people improvise/improve it/falter/etc. I think I'll start a blog.

richelle said...

Oh wait! Elertsted! Those are my beads! I haven't slept.

yeah, me again said...

thanks for mentioning the raffle, fanci...very thoughtful of you my dear....
I am making you a massive box of junk that includes the very last bird stamping, so you better make it laaaaaaassssssst.

stregata said...

It looks like elertsted is a traditionally trained goldsmith - maybe you helped her unlace the corset of traditionalism?

amth13 said...

Love elertsted doll's head with drifted wood. Cool tip on the ear wires, I just roll wire around a fat marker pen for mine. Been really inspired by your use of belt buckles, will convo you some pics and still want to do some bangles. Whilst I'm at it how do you do clickable links, I'm sure you've blogged it before I just can't remember.

Louise said...

I agree with beatnheart. You are a generous soul with a full open heart. I still struggle sometimes when I find someone trying to do something I have done, but I am better at accepting it and think well, I'm grateful they admired the said piece so much to want to do the same. No one is ever you. You are the only you! Your work is beautiful and i hope you'll always make it. I bet you have some other hidden talents too huh... tell tell...

Janet said...

Yummy pics to enjoy with my coffee this morning. And so enjoying everyone's comments!
Well done elertsted! Beautiful earrings.
It's wonderful that you have such a generous attitude, fanci. and that you share so much.
Course I wouldn't sell a copy of your designs but I will make them for myself, giving you credit, of course.
Did I hear that you're getting more bird stampings? Hear that ladies? More bird bracelets!! Yay! We might stand a chance at actually getting one before their scooped up in the blink of an eye.
Richelle, a blog challenge sounds like a blast!

Thanks for mentioning the giveaway again. Another week or so ladies. If you want to comment..

artistic rejuvenations said...

i am so in awe of all the loveliness we can create. i'm glad you share yours and that of others. the visuals are tantalizing. the bangles are delicious!

alek said...

exactement, but i was thinking it could be a challenge, to make something decorative to the wrist, well to be more specific its only for a nail, not a whole damn finger, index before you smile, nah well never mind, it was a joking aside kind of comment with a lack of specificity - as is this - obviously something i suffer from :)

Heidi said...

Thanks to all this, I just ordered a juicer! You make a little joke about your husband's farts and see what happens?!?!

And I'm now following at least 2 or 3 more blogs after this post. Yay!

Corvid Delights said...

Your tutorial makes me smile, look you took the time to draw it out and everything! Seriously though I have never met another artist as generous as you as far as sharing techniques, supply sources, and promoting other artists. Fiance and I were talking about you this morning and he made a great comment about how your role on Etsy is not just to share your beautiful art but how you exist online with a significant purpose. Truly wonderful really. And um now everyone is going to think I stink.. I truly don't! My ethnic dark hair just absorbs any smells that are around me. :)

Carrie said...

Fantastic tutorial! I thought everyone killed themselves making every earwire, so this was a welcome revelation to me. Oh and hi, I'm new here, and yeah, I'm stalking you too (she said, fingering her vintage Turkoman button--and wow doesn't that sound downright lascivious).

Don't worry though, I sell yarn so I'm no threat to anyone's business but my own, which I will most likely drive right into the ground because I'm too busy stalking jewelry blogs and tribal bead supplies to work on my own shop.

I'm positive I will copy you, and I'll send pics when I have something worthy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for *not* being another copycat-screaming buttmunch jewelry designer.

Petra Carpreau said...

Ditto all above. You're an extraordinary soul. You definitely need to write that book, you know - it'd be a bestseller for sure. Thank you for that ear wire tutorial - the things you learn over here!I need to go and make some earrings now to try it out. Other talents? I hear that our Fanci has 'candy in her heels' and is quite the lively dancer. This does not surprise me in the slightest. In fact i'd like to see that on video.So now you say the word, and people go out and buy a juicer - are you starting to feel a bit like that Jesus dude?!

Janet said...

Ackkkkk, I'm feeling a bit like an idiot here ladies, cuz I just gave away my professional juicer. I hardly ever used it (because using it feels like doing something domestic in the kitchen which I avoid at all cost) and the friends I gave it to use it every day, so it went to a good home. But I feel pretty dumb to have just let it sit neglected while I had it, knowing now that it could have turned me into Wonder Woman! Sheeesh.

Also to clarify my previous comment, which makes me wonder why I always comment early in the morning before my brain is engaged, with only 1 cup of coffee in me, anyway, Fanci, I love all of your wonderful, helpful pointers, tips and tutes. What I meant to say was...While I won't ever do a direct copy of your designs and sell your design as my own, I'll sure use parts and pieces of your designs in my work. Whew, got that cleared up, even tho you don't even care, do ya? That's how great you are!

Yes, I've only had 2 cups of coffee now. Slow learner. I need to just sit on my hands so I can't type on this thing early in the morning! Hahaha

betweenreader said...

Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you -- you put the baking soda in the soaking water when you are starting with dried beans. It gets rinsed off. It's supposed to help -- no more blazing saddles!

Anonymous said...

Salutation to Etsy assemblage jewelry Godmother - how generous of you to share all of those tips and bits! Still a beading hobbyist here, but am often deeply inspired/enlightened by the holy trinity of Fanci-Sparrow-Corvid.

"Dewy Nipple" recipe? Yeah, made that one up, but doesn't it sound delicious? Watched Salo a while ago - though respecting its artistic achievement, I can't say I "enjoyed" watching it. Reading Sade few years ago out of curiosity (after a research), need to philosophize it a bit more, but so far it brought to my mind Hieronymus Bosch.