OMFG now I'm actually turning red in shame for having mis-translated bonhomme. Damn you Frenchies! I'm embarrassed. Way more than I should be. Seriously. (Shake it off. Shake it off.)
And dina I think it's today. But how much to charge?!?!? Damn you pricies!


La Fileuse said...

Oh ! You have nothing to be ashamed of. It was a really cute mistake. ;)

dinnaforget said...


(pssst..i thought it meant good man, too. don't tell anybody.)

Debora said...

As you invited and as you know.. I'm feeling as a proud daughter.
Thanks for being an inspiration for many of us!


Janet said...

Hahaha Hey, I'm the founding member of the "how many ways can I butcher the english language" club. Welcome.

Oh wait, you went one better and introduced french into the mix. You over-achiever you! :)