narratives, new crap

Understanding. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet.

The Ultimate Why. Tribal dangles with ceramic art beads and ancient roman glass. Dark turquoise gypsy assemblage.
The Ultimate Why.
FIRST- You win, you little douche-canoes! I added some names and cool quotes I had  to the remaining no-name listings... Opinion on removing narratives seems split 50/50. And by 'seems' I mean I have no idea. So if you don't go read, analyze and memorize the quotes I think I'll have to shank somebody. 
Nothing. Rustic Assemblage Shoulder Duster Dangles with Polymer Art Beads.
The Pearl and the Mouse. Shoulder Duster Dangles with Ceramic Art Beads. Rustic gypsy assemblage with rhinestones.
The Pearl and the Mouse.
The Dying Martyr. Shoulder Duster Dangles with Ceramic Art Beads. Recycled tin triangles.
The Dying Martyr.

Also, I made these new things.
His Transcendence in Plain Sight. Rustic Assemblage Dangles with Polymer Art Beads.His Transcendence in Plain Sight.

Turning Air into Fiona. Rustic Assemblage Hoops with Polymer Art Beads.Turning Air into Fiona.

Ares from Chaos. Recycled Rustic Escutcheon Cuf.As always with bracelets I never feel like one picture shows the whole thing so here's three. Or as my students would say, tree. Ares from Chaos. Recycled Rustic Escutcheon Cuf.
Ares from Chaos.

Ares from Chaos. Recycled Rustic Escutcheon Cuf.

Nudder bracelet:War Madrigals.  Rustic Assemblage Bracelet with Etched Ruler and Damascene.
War Madrigals.

War Madrigals.  Rustic Assemblage Bracelet with Etched Ruler and Damascene.

Amphora. Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace.

This amphora, which I think is made of a light fixture, was sent to me by my bud Janet of JL3JewelryDesigns. I mean, as a gift! She's the one that gave me the glass eyes?

So I just strung some beads, made a pretty stopper and slapped a price tag on it!

Amphora. Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace.
Now, Janet and I are having lots of discussion on her name. Since she is soon to make the jump from gallery only to online presence, I want her to have a spiffier name than JL3JewelryDesigns. However, she has her business cards and earring cards already printed w/her brand as is. What do you think? She's also published a ton in Somerset... I dunno.
I'm now going to immediately post another blog entry just because I want to be able to send people to this fundraiser I want to do.  And when they get to it, the entry shouldn't start w/me inexplicably calling them 'douche canoes'.


amth13 said...

Your friend's name says what she is JL3Jewelry Designs, so I feel she should stick with it. I'm considering a name change because it doesn't say anything about me making jewellery(note English spelling, like color and colour, we love our extra letters), and I've discovered that amth is short for amphetamine! I might sound like I indulge in a lot of it, but honestly I don't. Alcohol is another story. P.S the new stuff it's fab.

happyfallout said...

I suspect you're reading Regretsy, ain't you? First awesomesauce, now douchecanoe?
These are awesome. And the narratives, as well. You could start having a tumblog with your selection of narratives only, and people would read it. Alternatively, you might copy pages of phone book next to your listings and the people would still buy them.

Janet said...

Aww fanci,

You sweetheart! Thanks for asking all your etsy buds for input on my etsy name. And thank all of you, fanci's buds, for your ideas! Appreciate it more than you can know cuz every brilliant name seems to be in use already! JL3 Jewelry Design is perfect for my regular website, but for etsy, I'm just not sure. And it's not brilliant. There's that. :)

Btw, fanci, I'm totally using your idea for the amphora stopper! It's wonderful.
The new jewels are, whats your word?..... Squeee-full. I want this one and that one and then there's that one too. Absolutely delicious!

Petra Carpreau said...

These are making me giddy with their gorgeousness! Beeeayyyuutiful!!!
Douchecanoes - ha haaaaa, you have all the best insults!!!
Hurray for the return of the narratives! You could just put a soupcon of those funny old words, because they're just nice to roll around the tongue. I can often be found wandering round here now, muttering the odd 'embaphium' and 'pamphagous' to myself!

Jackie said...

HolyGuacamole Fanci, these jewels are crazy awesome, I loooovvvvveeee them!!
...Jackie xo