Goodies n Goofies.

Louise- So where'd you see the blocks?
Lookit! From potterygirl.
Petra- Badger skeleton? Toss it in the trash! Err... I mean to say, you need to go to a sweat lodge with a cabal of village elders, strip to the waist and chant the magical incantation-- I DON'T KNOW! (Lol, it's like my students who thought just cuz I was a teacher I knew all. "Maestra, why do muscles get bigger when you exercise?" Umm... for biology, we have a GED class...)
So children, what do we do when we don't know? That's right. Apparently, you need beetles and peroxide. And if that's not enough to put you off it, I dont know what.
Random stash.
Oh and I was scolded for not selling it for 240 by sparrow and 260 by Janet. Stop scolding me guys! I'm flying by the seat of my pants here!
Amth 13- You do know I don't necessarily know what the hell yr talking about, right? How the bracelet connects to this bird you're going to somehow torture?
Grubbi- Thank you! I love what you did with your beads, too.
accusedredemption- 108 and 75. lets not talk about pricing anymore. It's like talking to artists about  mutual funds or something. Like, numbers and money- the two worst things ever. Oh wait no, that's Republicans and pedophiles. Haha. .. kidding...(as all the Republicans reading this reach for their firearms, lol.)
Janet- Thundersnow? Sounds made-up to me. Sweeps week for the weatherman maybe?

I got all these goodies today. These are amazing bits of horse... saddle... somethings. Among them, however, are these huge ones that I'm simply not cruel enough to attempt to hang off some poor woman's neck. But they'd make great display pieces if you find a wall stud. These a not unsubstantial, if you know what I mean. *winks suggestively just to confuse the hell out of everyone* (--> "Hu? Was that a double-entendre? But what could the secondary entendre possibly be? Now I'm even questioning my primary entendre! Something about wall studs? I no entendre!")
Weird ones and bigass honkers. Ideas?
Which calls to mind an instance long ago- the one and only time my overpolite hubs ever allowed himself to be openly baffled by my mom's crazy accent. It just so happened that I'd been privately commenting on his pleasant bubble butt just before hand. Especially considering he is white white white- Southern, of German stock, so pink-white one guy once called him a fetus, he has a nicely rounded buttocks. Anywho, directly after, with the family around us, he happened to make a comment about us Rios' tendency to, I don't know exactly, proly scream at each other all day. At which point my mom declared something that sounded like "Robber (cuz that's how she says Robert) You no-ass!" "WHAT?" "You nooo-aaaassss!" She said slowly so he'd understand. He turned right to me and with an expression of terror said, "Marina, what is you mother saying?" Between pissing myself with laughter I spitted out, "You know us!!!!!!"
And everyone lived happily ever after.
Tho this is by far not the wackiest thing Mom's ever said.

See, my mom's a doctor, and all her attention goes to that. Everything else, she just lets sidle up to her conscious any which way. Seeing her non-doctor side daily, the kind that called rice krispie treats 'crispy rispies' and valedictorians 'queen victorians', I'd often wondered how she'd managed not to kill anyone at work. Now as an obsessive myself, albeit with making pretty things and not saving lives, I understand all too well. The other day I asked her what my nephew Carlos dressed as for Halloween. She said, "A jinja!" "....you mean... a ninja?" "Yeah, something like that." "...Okaaaay...."

When I later saw a halloween photos, he was dressed as Darth Vader.
WIP I'm getting nowhere with.
Oh, but I could write a book about things my mom's said. Really. The time she meant to say "I'd like to try scuba diving," but instead busted out with, "I wanna do Scooby Dooby." The time at a fancy hospital gala, an old and respected CEO flirtatiously asked if he could get her anything from the buffet and instead of saying she'd already filled up on hors d'oeuvres she said "I had too many ordeals."
It's endless, really. And no, she doesn't do it on purpose.

What the hell was I on about? Lost track as usual. Can you tell I had way too much coffee?
Oh, I'm doing some more dramatic necklaces w/long focals, as you can see in the image above.
This one may be done:
Cuz there's a whole butt-load going on already. Tho I do have some tiny precious rondelles that would match the color scheme beautifully as strands. But where would I even put them?

OK, I just spent all day blogging instead of getting anything done. Damn you, Blogger!


Numinosity said...

I'm loving your many splendor-ed focal pieces as well as the results of your all day blogging. maybe that's how you take a break from making stuff... really, it's OK!
Love the stories about your mum.
xoxo Kim

Sidereal Day said...

Bwahahaha "I wanna do Scooby Doo" you just made my evening!
The sheer number of amazing tidbits you have for your scrumptious assemblage is mind boggling.

Sidereal Day said...

oh, Scooby Dooby.....still funny

Steph said...

Glad to see you received my pendants and beads, I was worried they got lost. I see they are put in a good use. Cool necklace, I made a bunch in that style over the years, they're fun to make, aren't they? :)

Unknown said...

Me encantan tus creaciones.
Y los materiales son únicos..
Un Saludo desde España...

Flotsam Tide said...

Ok just read part of this post to my hubs and he is cracking up laughing... no time wasted when you bring laughter and joy to others. Ugh this photo of the new dramatic necklace makes me squeal internally, I love this color palette.

Flotsam Tide said...
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stregata said...

Oh my - that was delightful - I love to start the day with a good laugh.
The harness and bridle hardware (I'm supposing) is gorgeous - that kind of stuff is expensive at the flea market here...

steufel said...

That necklace is incredible. You totally rock!

Spirited Earth said...

your story about your mom made me laugh..a lot..my grand dad would come out with some hysterical stuff..gotta love 'em.

Jenny said...

My aunt used to come up with some hysterically funny stuff, just like your mom. But my aunt was born-and-bred American, and had no excuses! Makes for some great stories when the family gathers on holidays.

I don't suppose we're going to get a picture of the bubble butt, huh? Didn't think so.

accusedredemption said...

Hand of Protection. Metaphysical Tribal Assemblage Necklace...damn i missed the piece! i hate talking about price because it sounds like i am to cheap to shell out anything i want...hope you got atleast $200 for it!

Petra Carpreau said...

Of course I think you're likely to have the answer to everything!! Silly moo! I quite like the idea of stripping to the waist and chanting in a sweat box full of elders though!Just in case you're in the least bit interested, which you're probably not - according to Vlad The Bat, I need to bury him, then dig him back up in six months, and boil him in dettol. There now, doesn't that give you a greater appreciation of your little bones?!
That necklace - holy crap, it just makes me want to weep. That's another one that'll be flying out of the shop as soon as listed - and you know what sort of a price tag you need to be putting on it now, don't you. It's completely gorgeous.
I'm with Corvid all the way - that stupendous piece of bloggery was a joy to read. What you give is infinitely more than just jewellery. Damn it, girl - you're epic!!!

Louise said...

Gosh these pieces you have are just **amazing** true eye candy. Can't stop checking them out. Very primitive, tribal like, wonderful!! In answer to your question, I created a book for a child, and spoke about it in this blog post: http://bibliographica-days.blogspot.com/2011/11/bi-plane-book.html

Anonymous said...

Do you still want questions? I have a few for you.
How did you go from encastic painting to your jewelry? What first got you interested? Who has influenced you the most? I love your art history thing with picasso and the indian souvenir paintings, I never knew that I thought Picasso was so original...